New consumer habits emerged over the past year as people took beauty into their own hands. One of the biggest trends was discovering how to be a stylist and colorist, and from a category perspective, women quickly jumped into DIY hair color, conditioners and treatments. And, curly women of all backgrounds embraced their natural curls, taking a break from blow drying and straightening their hair. Community building was another thing women were doing, sharing their experiences, tips and tricks throughout their quarantine hair journey. Here, Spate lists the top eight Google search trends as it relates to hair care for 2021.

  1. The top trending ingredients in hair care are olive oil, biotin, and collagen.
  2. Amla oil is the top growth ingredient in hair care, with over 169% growth since last year.
  3. Americans search for hair loss solutions almost 1 million times a month.
  4. Consumers are looking for specific hair needs, searching for 2a (loose wavy) hair, 2c (wavy bordering on curly) hair, and 3a (well-defined, springy) hair types 80% more than they did a year ago.
  5. There are 30.3K searches for vegan hair products every month in the U.S., with 48.5% growth since last year.
  6. Consumers are seeking out how to get the 90s blowout hair look (smooth with lots of movement), with 900% growth in searches since last year.
  7. After a year of experimenting with hair dyes, the top growth DIY hair trend is hair color remover with 234.4% growth.
  8. Wolf cuts, money piece hair, mullet shags, and curtain bangs are among the top trending hairstyles.

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