Since 2010, CEW and QVC have partnered for the annual QVC Beauty Quest award, established to help the shopping platform discover the next “big thing” in beauty. The award provides the winner an opportunity to connect with millions of shoppers across the platform, which is known for fostering growth of many brands.

“We are so fortunate to have a longstanding relationship with CEW and we value the organization’s commitment to supporting the beauty industry and creating opportunities for emerging beauty brands,” said Bridget Love, Vice President/General Merchandise Manager of Beauty for QVC and HSN. “As a leader in building brands through livestream video storytelling across multiple touchpoints, these awards help to fuel our product discovery. They help our beauty buyers discover new and emerging brands so we can deliver a discovery-driven shopping experience for our customers.”

QVC engages shoppers via 12 broadcast networks and offers brands a powerful stage to share their stories across broadcast, streaming, web, social and mobile. Part of QVC’s success model revolves around building trust with consumers through the power of relationship; therefore, the Finalist brands that were selected were based on their ability to emotionally connect with the customer and deliver great results and benefits.

“QVC’s beauty buyers reviewed more than 1,000 applicants to narrow it down to eight brands with unique products that fill a white space in our beauty assortment,” said Bridget. “We’ve always sought out brands with great stories to tell, and a great storyteller to bring the brand to life – someone who is authentic and passionate about their brand. Our focus is on unique, differentiated and exclusive product. We look for brands that are passionate about the customer.”

Read all about the eight Finalists for the 2021 QVC Beauty Quest Award below. Click here to attend CEW’s November 3 event to see who will take home the grand prize. CEW members have the option of a ticket upgrade to receive a beauty bag valued at more than $300 containing a selection of full-size Iconic Beauty Award products.

The 2021 QVC Beauty Quest Finalists are:

+ Lux Unfiltered was co-founded by lifestyle blogger Sivan Ayla and her husband Paul Richards with the goal of creating a product that could replicate in real life Sivan’s filtered tan on Instagram. Outside of self-tanner, the brand includes a lineup of nourishing skin care essentials, ranging from lip balm to body polish.

Bouclème is an eco-friendly, plant powered hair care line for natural curls featuring nutrient rich formulations.

Danessa Myricks’ eponymously named beauty brand was founded in 2016 on the principle that race, gender, age and personal style should not limit anyone from experimenting with makeup and discovering their signature look. Danessa reimagined what makeup could be and developed innovative multifunctional products that are designed to work every place on every face.

Droplette was developed by two MIT-trained scientists originally as a medical device to treat a rare skin disease until they realized their technology’s potential for skin health. A skin care device was designed with the goal of significantly enhancing the delivery of actives by transforming serums, available as capsules, into a powerful micro-mist.

Glo Skin Beauty provides professional treatments combined with homecare products that aim to deliver transformative results. Skin care formulas are designed to balance one’s skin type and pair seamlessly with specialty treatments for personalized skin care solutions. The brand’s makeup formulations utilize ultra-fine minerals in a triple-milled process to ensure even, continuous coverage.

Gussi offers a salon-quality, formaldehyde-free keratin treatment, and a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner for the at-home user.

Layers Skincare is a clean skin care brand that harnesses the power of probiotics in supplements and a topical skin care system for an inside and outside approach to healthier-looking skin.

Mother Dirt aims to balance skin’s microbiome with their patented Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB), a bacteria discovered by MIT scientists in 2015.