Chanel is launching a next-generation makeup app for lips. Perfect for the online makeup shopping era, Lipscanner by Chanel is a free app available now in France, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and 15 other countries on the Apple App Store.

The app looks to encourage consumers to buy lipstick who have abandoned lipstick due to wearing protective masks, and the difficulty of finding an ideal shade online. The scanner was developed in-house at Chanel and allows consumers to instantaneously find a Chanel lipstick based on shades and visuals that inspire them. In just two clicks, Lipscanner recognizes a selected color, suggests Chanel’s interpretation from the House’s entire product catalogue and allows consumers to try it on their lips with the virtual makeup app.

Whether consumers use an image of a friend’s lips, social media photos or a magazine page, the Lipscanner will scan the desired color and suggest the closest shade from Chanel’s robust range of lipsticks. If an image of a face is used as inspiration, the app will identify the lipstick texture, be it matte or glossy, shown in the image.

Lipscanner is created from technology exclusive to the brand, and is based on dual expertise: in the colors and textures of Chanel’s lip offerings and in a specific application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to makeup. Chanel boasts more than 400 lip products in natural, pink, orange, red and plum—five color families, each available in as many textures: gloss, shine, metallic, satin and matte.

Here’s how it works. Lipscanner’s recognition engine compares the scanned shade with the whole Chanel lip range in real time to find the desired product. Consumers can find the exact match for a lipstick in a celebrity photo or a model in a campaign. All they need to do is take a photo with the app or select an image from their camera roll and let the app identify the face, detect and isolate the lips. Then, a list of matches is presented that corresponds with the photo submitted. The app’s “Virtual Try On” feature allows consumers to test the identified Chanel lip product on their lips, and they can then take a selfie to keep or share.