Holly Thaggard, aka “The Sunscreen Queen,” is a finalist in this year’s CEW Beauty Creators Awards with Glowscreen SPF 40, a product designed not only to protect skin from the sun’s harmful rays, but also to give it a dewy glow. The item is just one of dozens of products made by the blockbuster sun care company, which has a clean positioning, and is loved far and wide by sun goddesses, moms, and Gen Z alike. The company, said Holly, has “a unique blend of product development, marketing and strategic thinking, mixed with a dash of SPF-dreaming” which separates it from the competition. Glowscreen, it should be known, quickly became one of Supergoops!’s best-selling formulas and is its most successful DTC launch to date. It took more than five years to formulate Glowscreen SPF 40 to get the glow Holly was looking for, which was inspired by her daughter and her daughter’s high school friends’ quest for dewy, glowy skin. Hear all about Holly’s journey to success, innovation strategy and plans for growth in a news segment that recently aired on Cheddar News.

Tune in December 1 to see if Supergoop! claims a CEW 2021 Beauty Creators Award for best Sun Care product during a virtual Winners Celebration. More than 29 winners in as many beauty categories will be announced during this awards celebration. Click here to view all of this year’s Product Finalists. To attend the Winner’s Celebration, please click here.