We may have Neutrogena’s Anti-Residue Shampoo to thank for what industry insiders are now calling “circuit training” for your face. Almost 30 years ago, the company introduced the rotation concept, claiming benefits can get lost with consistent use of the same products. Formulated for once-weekly use to clear away residue that could be blamed for a bad hair day, the product promises to remove up to 90 percent of dulling build-up caused by the use of the same shampoos, conditioners and styling products day in and day out. The 6-oz. bottle, which retails for $5.49, created a new trend—one that’s moved from follicle to face.

Two brands that believe in rotation therapy, 7 Days of Wonder, $295, and Orgo 7 Serums, $350, both suggest using a different bottle or tube each morning and night to prevent skin from becoming immune to the usually applied products.

“7 Days took nine years to produce and specifically targets the 27 signs of aging that exist,” said the product’s creator, Suzanne Grayson, whose background is in product development and strategy. “I found there were 26 aging symptoms that existed, and one I discovered during my research.” Suzanne named it ‘webbing’ as it happens on the side of the forehead alongside the eye area and looks like a spider web. As for the product’s goals, Monday is all about ReFining, and concentrates on skin’s texture. Wednesday’s job is ReFirming, and targets loss of firmness and elasticity. Sunday is about ReNewing stressed and damaged cells and skin.

“It’s not scientifically or logically possible to put so many ingredients into one product,” she added, “so each serum has only five or six ingredients and addresses a very specific aging issue,” Suzanne said.

Orgo 7, which is part of the Organic to Green beauty brand, works similarly. None of their concentrated, performance-based serums contain more than 11 ingredients. As for goals, Tuesday’s focus is on youth collagen, while Friday centers on oxygen infusion.

If the idea concept of skin rotation makes sense, but more of a step-down system is desired, Chanel has simplified things with its Resynchronizing Skincare. The morning, night and weekend trio were specially customized to resynchronize your skin’s natural rhythms when a 24/7 lifestyle starts to appear on your face. The Le Jour De Chanel is used in the morning, La Nuit De Chanel is for night. Each is sold for $85. And, Le Weekend De Chanel, $115, is when you’ve enjoyed yourself a tad too much…of anything.