Colorescience has launched a multi-tasking lightweight fluid designed to even skin tone, provide intense hydration and refine skin’s texture. The product, Even Up Multi-Correction Serum, is sure to resonate with consumers constantly seeing their skin on Zoom calls. To introduce the product, Colorescience hosted a Zoom event for beauty writers and editors in February.

Even Up Multi-Correction Serum features the Lumira ingredient complex, which aims to diminish the appearance of dark spots, age spots and other discoloration for even-toned skin and luminous, youthful appearance. It also features Vital ET, a bio-available form of vitamin E that is designed to provide antioxidant support while helping calm skin both prior to and following UV exposure. It includes Venuceane, a powerful marine extremozyme that enhances skin’s natural barrier. It offers Phytomoist, which is shown to be four times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid. This ingredient also is meant to aid in improving skin’s barrier function to enable better moisture retention in the skin. Last, the formula includes glycerin, a well-known humectant that balances moisture in the skin while supporting skin barrier health to improve the appearance of skin texture.

In 2015, Colorescience launched its first treatment product for hyperpigmentation and has been a major player in the non-hydroquinone hyperpigmentation solution space ever since. In 2020, the brand saw that hyperpigmentation was one of the top skin care searches. Serums, specifically, they noticed, were rising in popularity. So Colorescience identified that hyperpigmentation serums were experiencing especially high consumer demand, and it’s not a trend that’s about to go away. So, their team created a lightweight, easy-to-layer serum.

The brand also conducted a clinical study to determine the level of visible improvement in skin tone and texture with consistent use of the Even Up Multi-Correction Serum regimen. Here are the results:

  • 91% of all subjects agreed that the skin care regimen made their brown spots less noticeable by 8 weeks.
  • 94% of all subjects agreed that the skin care regimen made their brown spots less noticeable by 12 weeks.
  • 97% of all subjects agreed that the skin care regimen improved their skin’s overall appearance.

Colorescience Even Up Multi-Correction Serum retails for $89, and is available at, prestige retailers and a network of licensed physicians beginning in March.