Contouring, or the play on shadow and light, may be commonplace in the world of cosmetics, but Athena Cosmetics, Inc, owner of Revitalash Cosmetics and the ReGenesis Hair Enhancing System, is bringing it to the hair space with a new educational styling method called the ReGenesis Cut and Color Technique, designed to amplify fine and thinning hair through light, play and strategic cutting and styling.

“Being a hairdresser I know that hair loss has always been a major worry and concern, in fact 70 percent of clients are worried about it,” said ReGenesis brand ambassador and celebrity hairstylist, Chris Dove. “Whenever you have a shadow and a highlight in the hair it makes it look denser, it’s like a sandwich of dark and light, and inside of the light you can put other color combinations, which expands the look of the hair.”

The curriculum was unveiled in late October during Intercoiffure The Fall Atelier 2015 NYC, held at the Waldorf Astoria, via a spirited presentation featuring models with dramatic hairstyles sauntering down a runway with bass-heavy music and neon lights. Brand spokespeople Chris and John Simpson, who emceed the event, were on hand afterwards to share how the professional technique, which officially bows in January 2016, gives the illusion of thicker hair.

“It’s all about visual color theories,” said John, also a celebrity hairstylist, when describing the color aspect of the methodology. “We have taken a lot of the classics, the traditional blondes, reds and brunettes, into shades that are relevant now. You get to see these beautiful violets and deep green turquoises that melt into the blues…you see these vivid accent colors that are all light play and depend on where you place it [for different effects].”

When it comes to the cutting portion of their technique, John and Chris say it’s a mix of strategically angled snips, as well as covering hairlines through artful parting that gives hair the appearance of more volume and density.

“One of the worst things you ever want to see is a comb-over,” said Chris. “These are classic yet modern techniques, whether you are mature stylist who needs a little extra push or direction, or if you are a newer stylist who hasn’t dealt much with thinning hair.”

John added that the curriculum is meant to be fashion-forward and trend-inspired, which is many times overlooked for the thinning hair and market. “It can still be cool and have a fashion edge to it, it doesn’t’ have to be dated or overly matured. It’s trend-relevant,” he said.

The brand recently introduced the first stage of its  new curriculum through a specialist program, rolled out in the Washington DC and Maryland, in which stylists are recruited as “key market leaders,” to be trained directly by Chris and John to act as a brand ambassador in the salon. They will come together once a year to learn about new techniques and new products. Additional plans call for four to six “VIP events” to be held throughout 2016, as well as the introduction of a digital education platform available to all ReGenesis salons.

“Chris and I are all about raw and authentic education,” said John, adding that any stylist can adapt the techniques into his or her own repertoire.” When we first talked to the company and realized what they were offering for stylists to then offer their clients, we jumped on board because it meant we could put our technical skills in cut, color and styling to really give new systems to the hairdresser, who will share it with the client. It’s our way of giving back.”

A corresponding education manual developed with the collection breaks down each of the looks and how they were created in a “tangible, applicable, wearable techniques.” This will also be available for stylists to reference.

According to Revitalash CEO and founder, Dr. Michael C. Brinkenhoff, by having the decade-long background and authority in lash enhancement, it helps the consumer understand and trust the ReGenesis brand, as well as the new cutting and coloring method.

“Because Revitalash had such a successful platform in technology and science, we felt that we could translate that beyond just eyelashes and eyebrows to the scalp, to fine and thinning hair,” said Michael. “I feel we’ve just got the tip of the iceberg when it comes to distribution around the world. We’ve got huge growth in terms of market share which we’ve just begun to tap into. We just keep growing.”

And speaking of growing, Michael said another benefit of delving more deeply into the hair category is cross-pollination. With his sights set on the 10,000 spas, salons, physicians’ offices and specialty stores where Revitalash is sold in the US, not to mention more than 40 countries where it is distributed, the plan is to send Revitalash to those doors where ReGenesis are retailed.

“Revitalash has been very successful in the channel of spas, but salons haven’t learned as much about the lash business, so there’s a melding of salon and spas where we thought this would work for us,” said Michael. “Every time we sell into the salon with the ReGenesis package, we send along Revitalash so that they understand beauty is not just the hair but it’s the lashes as well.”

Comprised of six products priced between $34 for a shampoo and $149 for the Fast-Absorbing Foam Hair Volume Enhancer, the ReGenesis range includes formulas comprised of proprietary complexes and peptides, and botanicals like microalgae, ginkgo biloba, lemon peel extract and sugar cane. Chris and John have been tapped to help develop the next phase of products for ReGenesis, due in the second of half of 2016, with a focus on specialized items to help address the “unique styling needs of fine and thinning hair.” New cut and color collections are also planned into the next year.

“There are a lot of entrants into the thinning hair market that make all kinds of claims that I find to be over the top and inaccurate,” said Michael. “I think we are more understated because we don’t make those kinds of claims as a cosmetic brand product, but you will see results, and that’s the way we were with Revitalash. It sells itself.”