Cheddar News recently spotlighted Molly Hayward, the founder of Cora’s Period Balm, a product that looks to serve as an all-natural solution to ease period pain and discomfort using a blend of essential oils. The item is a finalist in the Wellness category of this year’s CEW Beauty Creators Awards.

“What makes our period balm so unique and effective is the combination of marjoram, lavender, and clary sage which have been clinically tested and shown to be an effective alternative to conventional medicine when it comes to cramps,” explained Molly. “We wanted to offer something that was completely natural and could be applied to any part of the body that felt achy or in need of relief without chemicals or additives.”

In addition to the topical product, Cora offers a wide variety of menstrual items such as pads, tampons, cups, reusable disks, and period underwear. Molly noted the reusable products have been successful, reflecting that women are ready to explore life beyond traditional tampons and pads.

“I think the sustainable products we are creating are really the future of our brand and it’s the thing that we are the most excited about because of the incredible feedback and response that we’ve seen from consumers. You’re going to see Cora lean into those products [more]. We really believe that menstruators should have a complete suite of products to choose from to match their needs and wants when it comes to their bodies.” Learn more about Cora’s offerings, product strategy, and sustainability efforts in a news segment that recently aired on Cheddar news.

Tune in December 1 to see if Cora claims a CEW 2021 Beauty Creators Award during a virtual Winners Celebration. More than 29 winners in as many beauty categories will be announced during this awards celebration, to be hosted by reality T.V. star Lisa Rinna. Click here to view all of this year’s Product Finalists. To attend the Winner’s Celebration, please click here.