Cos Bar knows the importance of looking good. To that end, the Los Angeles and Aspen-based retailer is readying for a new store design, complete with in-store and window digital displays, private treatment and event rooms, a feature product display and mobile point of sales on tablets. Oklahoma City will be the first to tout the new prototype design, set to debut August 25. All future stores will follow the new format, with 32 new stores planned over the next three years.

The last time Cos Bar redesigned its stores was in 2007. The goal of the new store layout, said David Olsen, Cos Bar’s CEO, is to achieve a simple, uncluttered environment, which maximizes the quantity and impact of the merchandise displays. “The cash wrap is in the center of the store, and will be flanked by impulse item display cubes, with the new product display located immediately in front of the counter. Play bars will be located in the center of the store, with ample seating and phone charging stations. Counters line both perimeter walls with ample room for navigation on all sides. When viewed as a whole, the light, fresh and welcoming Cos Bar environmental brand language should represent the height of beauty, impeccable quality and world class luxury,” David said.

Inspiration behind the new design looks to reflect the retailers’ luxury brands and to also be functional, while maintaining a feminine, light, warm and engaging atmosphere. Incorporating the 41-year old company’s heritage elements, such as Aspen wood floors and its Grecian mark, which was part of the original Cos Bar logo, was top of mind. Feedback from customers – such as adding a featured product display, was also considered.

Digital displays in windows will feature videos, brands and promotions; digital displays in store will be used to highlight events, exclusives and promotions. Private treatment and event rooms will accommodate in-store experiences and special events, such as spa treatments, services and a nail and/or brow bar pop-up. A featured product display will be centrally located and showcase new, favorite and bestselling products. Mobile POS tablets look to give Beauty Specialists more of an interactive side-by-side checkout process with the customer rather than an across-the-table interaction typically seen with a stationary cash wrap. “We hope to eventually eliminate the cash wrap so that we can encourage more free-flow customer movement throughout the store and have more space for merchandise and visual elements,” said David.

The new store design will feature interior facing monitors to communicate more with customers, such as in-house material produced by Cos Bar, but also vendor content, beauty trends, social media and recently-purchased product reviews. “It’s another way of getting our customer socially engaged through an omni-channel shopping experience,” said David.

In 2017 Cos Bar has opened four stores (Brentwood, Newport Beach, Lexington and Red Bank), bringing total store count to 18. Oklahoma City marks the chain’s 19th store, with two more set to open in the last half. About eight to 12 new stores each year are forecasted for the next three years.

“We’ll continue to tweak the design and in-store elements until we’ve perfected the client experience,” said David.