Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna celebrated its 49th annual beauty trade show here, held March 16 through March 19, with record-breaking attendance numbers: more than 250,000 visitors attended to see 2,510 exhibitors, an increase of 5 percent. One of the most interesting trends spotted at the show this year was a section dedicated to the Halal market, with brands from Korea, Switzerland, Brazil, France and many other regions showcasing Halal makeup, skin care and hair care. With so much to see, it was difficult to select just a few trends from the world’s largest beauty fair, but below are product highlights from some of the best in beauty across the globe.

Japanese Anti-Aging Facial Roller Device

Slim Cera is a luxury anti-aging tool that aims to stimulate facial muscles and help tighten and revitalize the skin just by rolling and massaging the device over the face, neck and decolletage. Five rollers imitate the motion of therapists’ hands while simultaneously incorporating a germanium plate and magnetic pads to stimulate cell regeneration. Two solar panels power microcurrents to further boost activity and blood circulation. The hand-held device is slim, simple and can be used.

Slim Cera comes in a variety of styles; products range from $200 to $500, and can be found online at and other online retailers.

30-Day Tailored Skin Care Regimen

Launched in November 2015, Haute Custom Beauty (HCB) is the first 100 percent genuinely tailored 30-Day Beauty Ritual personalized for skin type, lifestyle, skin care goals, oil spectrum and sensitivity level. With more than 30 years of experience and three years of extensive research, the Barcelona-based company developed a proprietary algorithm and an online survey to segment customers into one of 600 different HCB DermaProfiles. Based on each customer’s HCB DermaProfile, HCB selects a Collagen Tonic (from the Tonic Collection), a Moisturizer Supreme (from the Moisturizer Collection) and any one of 30 different Elixirs from the Elixir Collection arranged in a specific 30-day sequence. The result is a completely personalized Beauty Ritual. All of the products are made in Barcelona using the most advanced actives and nutrients from around the world. HCB uses airless packaging technology and never tests on animals or uses parabens, phthalates, sulfates or methylisothiazolinone.

Swiss Technology for Brows

If the eyes are the window to our soul, eyebrows are the frame. Well-maintained and defined eyebrows make the difference and give the perfect balance to one’s face. CHADO is a makeup care brand inspired and conceptualized in Switzerland. The company specializes in care and makeup for eyebrows and contour makeup. The science behind this new brand derives from a rare Swiss apple, the Uttwiler Spatlauber – an ancient, almost extinct apple known for its exceptional preservation ability. It can age without wrinkles or loss of taste for months. It also contains rare substances and stem cells whose life cycles are particularly long. Thanks to new bio-technology, scientists have been able to create and cultivate these plant stem cells and incorporate them into the CHADO product line. Items include treatment mascaras and oils, colored powders for eyes, eyebrow pencils, and accessories for brows, such as stencils, scissors and tweezers.

Peptide Activation

BeautyLab is a luxury skin care line based in the UK whose popularity has risen among celebrities. Formulas are based on peptide rich innovations combined with a philosophy of re-activating and re-educating the skin to achieve a flawless complexion. Among the show stoppers was its Black Diamond line of skin care products, which infuses black diamonds and other precious gems to reveal glowing skin. There’s also a Serum Trio, which includes three different serums to target different signs of aging; a Peptide Tanning collection, which uses peptides that stimulate a higher concentration of melanin to yield a streak-free tan; and various moisturizers and lotions to minimize the appearance of uneven skin, fine lines and age spots.

Egg on Your Face

The Real Egging Pack face mask delivers the best in what’s made the Korean homemade egg mask concept, which aims to brighten, whiten and moisturize skin without the tiresome process of making it yourself. The Real Egging Pack combines all the good nutrients of eggs—egg yolk is rich in protein, vitamins and minerals—also has moisturizing and firming characteristics—into a unique overnight mask.

Truly Captivating Nail Art

One popular stand at the show was MoYou London. The company offers a plethora of nail art plates, polishes and stampers for nearly every occasion, which are inspired by fashion trends, art, music and more. The company releases newimage plates on a weekly basis and currently offers more than 500 different image plates categorized by 40 different collections. The cute packaging and colourful displays were truly captivating.

Mask Technology from Poland

While many exhibitors were vying for attention for their current technologies, others were looking at future opportunities. One attendee we spoke to, Bowil | Biotech from Poland, was hoping to return for the 50th Cosmoprof Bologna edition with the first and only bionanocellulose mask manufactured in Europe. Bionanocellulose fibers do not exceed 100 nm in width and are far smaller than skin pores – which enables penetration of active ingredients into the deeper layers of skin. In that case bionanocellulose is used as a carrier for active ingredients, i.e. water or hyaluronic acid. The company uses unique, patented technology and has the CE Certificates for medical device production, and currently produces masks for the face, eye area and for wounds. The two products featured at the show were post treatment facial masks, CelMat Face, used especially after aesthetic medicine procedures, and CelMat Face H, a mask for skin rejuvenation. Both products aim to aid in the reduction of swelling, thanks to a cooling effect. The masks offer high elasticity and perfect adhesion to the skin.

High-End Halal

JHN Halal is a premium, innovative skin care brand hailing from Korea. The founder, Mr. Jhun, spent more than a decade developing the luxury skin care line to fit a market need for “good, quality Halal cosmetics.” All the JNH Halal ingredients are compliant to Halal standards prescribed by GIMDES, the Turkish Halal certifying body. Each of the items from the skin care series are designed to enrich skin’s natural beauty and enhance glow. Products use ingredients such as 24K pure gold, royal jelly, pearl, red ginseng and other antioxidant-rich ingredients such as ‘Medicinal Mushroom Complex’.

Another Halal brand, KHADIJA Cosmetics, was seen at the show with a slightly different positioning. The cosmetic line, hailing from France, is free of all chemicals and synthetic ingredients and uses sun-blocking filters to protect skin. It is also sold directly by women and the company offers “100 percent flexible paid jobs to all those who wish it.” In its mission statement, KHADIJA states it is proud to “share our benefits with our community…and facilitate the access to paid jobs to women.” The line includes beautiful eye shadows, lip sticks and glosses, powders and brushes, and guarantees zero contact with haram ingredients.

Rounding out the Halal category was a hair care line from Brazil, PROLAB Cosmetics. Like it’s colleagues, the company seeks to meet market demand for greater quality Halal products with several Halal-certified items for hair care that include shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, moisturizing and regenerative treatments and styling products.