Coty introduces the next generation Magic Mirror at its relaunched Bourjois boutique in Paris, featuring technology that integrates physical products with digital content, and creating a first-of-its-kind augmented reality makeup try-on experience.

Coty’s new Magic Mirror makes the augmented reality makeup try-on experience as simple as picking up a lipstick. When shoppers touch a lipstick in front of the Magic Mirror, the chosen color instantly appears on their lips.

Unveiled at Coty’s newly relaunched Bourjois boutique in Paris, the blended reality beauty Magic Mirror lets shoppers try on up to 16 lipsticks in Bourjois’ Rouge Velvet Lipstick collection, as well as complete their looks with onscreen eye makeup and blush, and enables Bourjois to follow up with recommendations by email, directing shoppers to the brand’s e-commerce site.

“The Bourjois Magic Mirror represents the most extensive integration of physical products and digital content in the beauty industry. Most women intuitively prefer to play with a lipstick rather than touch a screen, as there is an inherent sensual aspect in cosmetic packaging that no technology can replace,” said Elodie Levy, Coty Global Digital Innovation Senior Director.

The technology, created in partnership with two agencies, Holition and PERCH, removes barriers of traditional virtual makeup experiences, where shoppers can only engage with products in a virtual setting.

“The path to purchase with augmented reality in the past has been a bit broken,” said Elodie. “Consumers can play with the AR component, but then are left without having any contact with the product. We conducted qualitative research with Holition in the UK and Paris, and asked questions about what the mirror can bring in-store. These experiences are fun and still innovative, but there’s a touch-and-feel experience that you can’t replicate on screen.”

Coty’s research revealed that putting the physical product in shoppers’ hands increases attitudes and purchase intentions of the product, creating a more seamless path to purchase. 72 percent of consumers surveyed said they want an in-store beauty experience to be a mixture of both physical and digital elements in order to make it feel more ‘real’ and ‘believable’.

“You know exactly the product you want. You are holding it in your hand,” said Elodie, who added that the Magic Mirror incorporates both a sensual component as well as convenience.

Coty spent nine months shepherding the project, from user research and to understanding the struggles and pain points in store, to conception and launch. “Our innovation is strongly grounded in consumer insights and specifically problems to be solved. Understanding the pain points in the consumer journey, grounded in insights, deep data science, and consumer behaviors in order to solve their issues,” said Elodie.

Coty also incorporated technical research from its two chosen agencies. “Holition specializes in augmented reality. PERCH focuses more on the retail environment, bridging the gap between digital and retail innovation, how touching products at shelf can trigger an experience, for example, by providing complementary screen information.” Bourjois was the ideal Coty brand to inaugurate the Magic Mirror. “The experience is on par with the Bourjois brand equity and DNA. Bourjois represents the Parisian attitude with chic. Everything is fun and playful. We wanted to bring a level of retail-tainment and retail magic.”

Some of that playfulness includes the ability to take a Polaroid of the various looks, including the option of choosing various backgrounds, such as the Eiffel Tower and whimsical filters.

Coty has a variety of KPIs to measure the success of its Magic Mirror. “We will be measuring the level of engagement, understanding how this retail experience is driving brand consideration in terms of number of interactions, number of lipstick try-ons, length of time in front of the mirror, as well as how often customers print their looks on Polaroid, which will count towards understanding the level of satisfaction of the experience.” Other KPI measures include conversion of all lipsticks tried and which lipsticks led to purchase.

Coty is exploring the possibility of extending its Magic Mirror to other markets in various retail environments, not just Coty boutiques. “Innovating retail environments and driving digital innovation for brands is very high on Coty’s radar.”