Curel is launching a reformulated edit of its larger facial skin care offerings — already on shelves in Japan — in Ulta Beauty beginning October 2019. Designed for dry, sensitive skin, the collection incorporates the Japanese skin care ritual of deep but gentle double cleansing and also double moisturizing, a concept that’s new to most Americans. The suite of six products aims to thoroughly hydrate and replenish moisture without irritating skin.

Double-Cleansing Products
The double-cleansing routine involves two products, the Makeup Cleansing Gel ($20), and the Foaming Facial Wash ($20). The former is a silky gel that gently but completely removes all traces of makeup without disrupting skin’s moisture balance. It’s designed to go on dry skin, just as one would use a cleansing oil. The wash boasts an elegant foam texture that gently cleanses, leaving moisture in tact, while removing dirt and dead skin.

In both products, ceramides are key to keeping skin’s hydration levels up. Curel’s Japanese skin care products are formulated by experts who have been working with ceramides for over 30 years with the brand’s proprietary ceramide technology. Over time, the products aim to help address the root cause of skin sensitivity and discomfort, as opposed to simply addressing the latter.

Double-Moisturizing Products
An import itself, the double-cleansing process has become very popular in the U.S. The double-moisturization ritual — with this particular pairing of moisturizing products— is still unique to Japan. The first step is to apply a light fluid lotion called Moisture Facial Lotion Enrich ($30), which is a sort of super-charged essence. It’s a bit thicker and is meant to be poured into the palm before applying to the face to hydrate and calm the skin while preparing it to absorb moisturizer. The second step is to choose either the deeply hydrating but lightweight facial cream (Intensive Moisture Cream, $30) for dry or very dry skin, or the light and silky facial milk (Moisture Facial Milk, $30) for normal or dry skin to yield a soft, healthy complexion.

The last step is a Moisture Eye Zone Essence, which features a super silky texture and treats fine lines while nourishing the eye area.

The brand also offers a trial kit called Trial Kit Enrich ($26), which includes a two-week supply of double cleansing and moisturizing products in travel-size containers. It includes the minis of the Makeup Cleansing Gel, Foaming Face Wash, Moisture Facial Lotion Enrich and Intensive Moisture Facial Cream.

The Curel Japanese Facial Skincare range is available exclusively at Ulta Beauty and on in late October 2019.