Ever heard of brands like Too Cool for School, Clio, Moonshot, Innisfree or 3Concept Eyes? South Korean beauty brands are gaining popularity throughout the world with both consumers and industry professionals alike. Many global beauty companies are using the latest innovations from Korean private label manufacturers like Cosmax, Cosmecca, and Kolmar. How to navigate the rich and complex Korean beauty landscape with over several hundred brands?

In collaboration with CEW, Beautystreams is pleased to offer CEW members a unique insight into the South Korean beauty world. Compiled by its international team of experts, including Seoul-based beauty specialists, the report is a comprehensive study of South Korean beauty brands.

Part 1: South Korean Market & Consumer Insights (46 pages)

• A View of Korean Market Trends
• Consumer Buying Habits & Perspectives
• Local Beauty Ideals & Concerns

• Key Local Icons
• Brands to Watch
• New Product Launches

Rate: $1800

Part 2: Guide to South Korean Beauty Brands & Star Products (212 pages)

• Company Profiles of Major Korean Beauty Corporations
• Brand Positioning

• Star Products
• Price Points
• Advertising Strategy
• Visual Merchandising Approach

Rate: $2000

Full Report (Part 1 + 2): $3200

For more information or sample pages, please contact Amy Miller (amy@beautystreams.com).