Detox Market, the Los Angeles-based multi-brand clean beauty e-tailer, is launching its own skin care offering focusing on the art of cleansing.

The Detox Mode trio of cleansers, which came out March 1, joins an existing collection of body care products from the company, which began life a decade ago as purveyor of clean beauty, at a time when the category was still in its infancy.

“There wasn’t a lot of discussion about ingredients,” said Romain Gaillard, founder and CEO of Detox Market. “And there were certainly some questionable ingredients in products, particularly in the U.S., where there was no regulation. Our vision was that beauty should be cleaner, more sustainable and holistic.”

Those principles are at the core of the Detox Mode cleansers, conceived as a trio available in different formulations— foam, jelly and cream. Romain said that he wanted to concentrate on cleansers because they are the gateway to clean beauty.

“The first thing to convince someone to turn to clean beauty is through cleansers,” said Romain. “It’s an easy entry point, and so effective, and is the perfect way to get people to try clean ingredients as they start to clean up their beauty cabinet.”

The purity of the ingredients was the most critical aspect in formulating the line, in addition to ensuring the packaging was sustainable (the products are housed in glass, the box is recyclable and a tree is planted for every product purchased.) The Renewing Foam Cleanser contains juniper oil, pineapple fruit extract and oils of lime peel and cypress and is priced at $36. The $40 Nourishing Jelly Cleanser has ylang ylang to mitigate against dryness and excessive oil production, as well as sweet almond oil for clog-free pore-cleaning. And the omega-6 fatty acids and polyphenol antioxidants in the $36 Adoring Cream Cleanser, alongside the camellia seed oil, are designed to be quickly absorbed into the skin.

In formulating, Romain said he went with a maceration of whole plants in sunflower oil.

“It was like a supreme botanical potions marinade using calendula, primrose and dandelion and looking at the three different delivery formats.”

With the cleansers, Romain wanted to offer different skin types and different seasons, alongside the idea of “your idea has feelings too,” he said. “The formulas are based on that. They’re linked to the skin type and the environment, whether it’s summer or winter, whether you live in a rural place or somewhere urban.”

There are six Detox Market stores, located in Toronto, Los Angeles and New York. Some are open, some offer curbside pick-up alone, while others can accommodate shoppers at reduced capacity, which Romain likened to having an almost “concierge-style experience.”

Moving forward, Romain said he plans to incorporate more diversity into Detox Market’s line-up, where brands now include Mara, Josh Rosebrook and Goop. Over the next five years, he intends for at least a quarter of the brands on the site to be BIPOC-owned. In 2020, he also launched a mentorship program helping six emerging brands learn how to reach buyers and raise funds, contributing $1 million dollars in marketing money to help the brands find their footing.

“It’s a very competitive environment in multi-brand retail,” he said. “But there is lots of room for high quality clean beauty at an affordable price.”