Diamonds are beloved, coveted and highly sought-after, and they decorate our barest ears, fingers and necks in dazzling delight. And they’re on the move…to the face. The shiny, precious stones made from pure carbon are not only the hardest natural minerals, they’re also one of the smallest nanoparticles, which means they’re extremely workable when creating skin care. From industry insiders to skin care specialists, people are looking at diamonds in a completely different way—as an anti-aging treatment and an illuminating product, for starters—but that’s just the tip of the stone.

Perhaps it was La Prairie who kicked off the trend, launching Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentre, a diamond-infused anti-aging product, into their Skin Caviar Collection. The rich serum was formulated with Cellular Complex and Caviar Extracts, along with liquid crystals, mica and Ddamond powder, used to reflect and scatter light to the skin’s surface.

At $420, however, it’s no longer the most expensive kid on the block. Several months ago, 111Skin, a product originally created for Harrods in London, migrated to the U.S. as a Barneys New York exclusive. They offer a Celestial Black Diamond Collection, three items that merge technologically advanced ingredients with medical research. “Diamonds can be seen as trendy because they give the impression that it will last forever and is very glamorous and precious and that’s why we are now seeing so many diamond creams out there. But that’s not why we added it to our products,” said Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, a London-based plastic surgeon and one of the company’s founders, who added that their Celestial Black Diamond can be found in only two places, South America and Central Africa. “It’s also extremely effective when used as an anti-aging product. Because the particles are so small, it can penetrate into the skin’s barrier very effectively, often going deeper into the dermis than other ingredients.” At $1,000 a jar for the moisturizer, the product has been asuccess at Barneys. “If applied correctly, it brightens, plumps and improves the whole face as opposed to a filler which is more localized,” he added, explaining that since the product is so rich and concentrated, a jar can last up to three to four months.

According to Jennifer Sunwoo, Executive Vice President, GMM Women’s at Barneys New York, “The decision to become exclusive partners with 111Skin was two-fold, the unique story and the superlative results. The 111Skin business has exceeded our expectations. We are projecting high growth for the next few years.”

And what does price matter when talking about the Fountain of Youth?

If you feel like splurging, Orogold Cosmetics offers a 24K CryogeniC Diamond Mask, also $1,000, which promises to revitalize and expose fresher looking skin. Infused with a blend of 24 karat gold, vitamins and diamond dust, the non-abrasive mask will add shine and gently moisturize while reducing the appearance of wrinkles, according to packaging.

Peter Thomas Roth recently unveiled Un-Wrinkle Fast-Acting Serum filled with synthetic snail venom, neuropeptides and diamond dust. At $120, it promises to eradicate both deep and fine lines, including those dreaded forehead “11s” and wrinkles.

“It’s thanks to technology that we’re finally able to make the dust more refined for the skin to absorb it better and to capitalize on all of its amazing benefits. Like anything else, we’ve been able to make a better powder, which gives us better and more immediate results,” said Peter.

Natura Bissé, the Spanish skin care company, dipped into the diamond arena with Diamond Life Infusion, $590, in 2012. The product currently ranks as their fourth best-selling item out of 60 products. Diamond Life Infusion Retinol Eye Serum, $275, added a year later, ranks third.

While some companies are first-timers, others are adding to their existing diamond-themed lines. Carita Paris, the 70-year–old French company, created Diamond Beauté. Drawing on Gemmo-cosmetics, the art of extracting the unique benefits (including enzymes, vitamins and nutrients) from precious stones, and the latest bio-technological advances, the company offers an Anti-Aging Precious Cream, $600; a Regenerating Midnight Concentrate, $450; and a Diamond Duo Eye Cream, $380. Later this year they’ll launch their first diamond serum.