Dermatologists are arguably some of the best product formulators in the beauty game. They spend decades honing their skills, see all the latest innovations in the marketplace before anyone else, have access to the most in-depth clinical research, and have firsthand knowledge of what skin care issues consumers actually care about. So, is it any wonder so many of them have launched a namesake line?

For a certain caliber of skin doctors — think Perricone, Brandt, Gross and Lancer — a skin care line is the obvious next step after building a reputation in the press and with the medical community. The latest addition to this exclusive club is Manhattan dermatologist extraordinaire, Dr. Ellen Marmur.

After studying the existing market, Dr. Marmur realized that she had her own unique perspective to add to the conversation. “I have seen over 40,000 patients in 15 years and the same patients come back and their skin is changing all the time,” she said. “So this concept of having one skin type or one category or one diagnosis is out-of-date — the category and classifications of dermatology has changed over time.”

Which is why her six-piece line, Marmur Metamorphosis, focuses not on “fixing” an issue, but rather working dynamically with the skin to optimize its natural mechanisms. “Skin care is about communicating through the skin, not penetrating it,” Dr. Marmur noted. “There are already so many sophisticated mechanisms in the skin and we need to understand it as a dynamic organ.” Her brand aims to do that with a range of products meant to act as a holistic system and that are “as dynamic as the skin itself.”

The line is divided into three categories: Balance; Revive; Repose. For each category there is a corresponding serum and mask. Balance is meant to clear and calm; Revive to smooth and firm; Repose to rejuvenate skin by interacting with the body’s natural circadian rhythm. Dr. Marmur advises choosing either Balance or Revive for daytime; Repose for nighttime. The masks are formulated in Seoul and made from a next-generation hydrogel, called a triple matrix.

The masks start as a “Jell-O” texture and are infused with the brand’s signature Dynamic Essence and then cut down into four pieces that make up each mask. This ensures even distribution of the formula, said Dr. Marmur. Additionally, the masks come in separate pieces (including one for the neck and one for the chest) to ensure they will work for different genders, ethnicities and face shapes. It also attaches seamlessly to the skin with no slippage — Dr. Marmur described them as being “a hug for your face.”

The aforementioned Dynamic Essence is at the core of each product, and is comprised of activated seaweed, plankton and a deep sea enzyme, plus adaptogens, and pre- and pro-biotics. “The hero ingredient is the adaptogenic wild indigo plant,” said Dr. Marmur. “It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-cortisol, anti-stress, anti-oxidant and pro-beta endorphins, which help bring energy to the skin.”

Marmur Metamorphosis retails on her website and in select dermatologist offices. The MMSerums are $85 each while the MMMasks are priced at $22 for a single mask or $80 for a four-pack. There is also a free app available that guides consumers towards the right products based on a 10-question quiz developed by Dr. Marmur. It also allows users to track progress and receive new information about their skin.

Not satisfied with just topical products, Dr. Marmur is also branching out into the at-home device sector with the MMSphere. The LED device — which is set to debut in October, pending FDA clearance — retails for $495 and features six colors of LED for both skin care and wellness (Dr. Marmur cites mood-enhancement and sleep promotion as two such benefits), as well as a customizable selection of lights that can be combined to create a bespoke treatment. Consumers can use the app to design a unique program and store it for future use. Each of the products has been optimized to be used with LED lights to amplify results, however Dr. Marmur noted that the MMSphere on its own still delivers significant benefits for the skin.

With Marmur Metamorphosis, Dr. Marmur hopes to not only offer a new way to care for one’s complexion, but also to change the way people approach skin care as a whole. “Your skin is a living, thriving, pulsating, changing, dynamic organ and it already has so many sophisticated mechanisms,” she said. “Skin care is really about balance and harnessing skin’s own innate brilliance.”