The Dyson Corrale Straightener launched this week, showing once again that the British tech company is at the forefront of hair care innovation. A culmination of seven years of engineering and $43 million in budget, the $500 device boasts several points of differentiation from other hair straighteners on the market.

The most significant claim is less hair damage. The Corrale uses less heat than the standard straightener, according to the company, for up to 50 percent less breakage, frizz and flyaways. There are just three expertly calibrated temperature settings to accommodate different hair types and thickness: 330°; 365°; 410°. Smart heat technology allows the device to self-regulate its temperature, checking 100 times a second to ward off overheating.

Secondly, the Corrale offers cord-free capability for up to 30 minutes. A charging dock is included, as well as a cord for longer styling times.

Finally, the Corrale has industry-first flexing plates made from manganese copper alloy – no thicker than a single human hair – that mold around hair to gather it. Traditional straighteners simply clamp down on hair and can require several passes through, exposing hair to prolonged high heat. The Corrale’s flexing technology is designed to increase the surface area of hair on plates, allowing for less heat to be transmitted.

Dyson initially entered the hair care category in 2016. Their earlier launches – the Supersonic Hair Dryer and the Airwrap Styler – were both industry disruptors that consumers clamored for despite hefty price tags. The Airwrap Styler, for example, boasted a waitlist of over 100,000 after it went out of stock in October 2018.

The Corrale Straightener is currently available at Sephora, Ulta Beauty, Nordstrom, Best Buy and on