When Eadem’s Milk Marvel Dark Spot Serum ($68) launched direct to consumer in May, it became an instant best-seller for its innovative formula that’s designed to effectively target hyperpigmentation for melanated skin tomes. Within weeks, the 3-in-1 milky gel sold out and racked up a waitlist of more than 1,000 shoppers. Now, the brand is launching its cult-favorite hero SKU on September 7 on Sephora.com, following its successful completion of the 2021 Sephora Accelerate Incubator Program.

“Sephora is an industry leader, and more BIPOC representation is a big moment not only for our brand, but also our communities,” said Alice Lin Glover, who co-founded the brand with Marie Kouadio Amouzame. “We receive countless DMs from customers telling us how much it means to be seen, not only through images and products but also personal stories. Eadem is our way of centering people of color and their skin care needs, and to be recognized and sold at Sephora is a celebration and recognition of us as women of color. In that spirit, we’re excited to give back to our communities as a celebration of this moment and as we grow. We’re looking forward to continuing to challenge the industry beyond tokenism and recognize women of color not as monoliths or stereotypes or beauty trends, but as people with specific needs, stories and cultures that deserve to be honored in their specificity.”

To celebrate with their loyal community, for every Instagram post from September 7 to September 12 that uses #EADEMatSephora, Eadem will donate $1 to the National Birth Equity Collaborative, a charity very close to their hearts as both Kouadio and Lin are new mothers. The duo met as marketing executives while working at Google and bonded over their love of skin care and how much adjusting they had to do for their specific melanin-rich skin concerns. They teamed up with a top-tier dermatologist and women of color chemists to create a brand that uses ingredients and technology to cater to skin of color.

“Sephora has always been the trendsetter in beauty. The opportunity to both grow Eadem and the entire category of melanin-rich beauty, which up until very recently didn’t exist, through its shelves is beyond my wildest dreams. Their support helps make scientifically-researched and tested products for skin with melanin not a passing trend but the new normal, which was why we founded the company,” said Marie.
“As a teenager, I virtually grew up at the Sephora on the Champs Elysées. I would spend hours touching the products, trying them and eventually buying something I could afford. I discovered beauty there, and it’s surreal to know that someone could discover Eadem in the same way. Milk Marvel is our love letter to women of color, and we’re really excited that more women will be able to add it to their routines.”

Less than a year old, the brand has been named a Glossier Grant Winner for Black Owned Businesses and was recently selected as an awardee for the Black Innovators in Skin Health QuickFire Challenge by Neutrogena and Johnson & Johnson Innovation.