Ellen Lennon’s dad was a QVC vendor, calling on the video and ecommerce retailer right from the first day it launched on the airwaves. “I grew up hearing all about the business,” recalled Ellen, who joined QVC right out of college in 2003 as a Merchandising Trainee. She now holds the title of Senior Buyer for Beauty Color Cosmetics.

Following a dream for a career in merchandising, Ellen interviewed with three different retailers. “I realized there was something about QVC that really stood out to me. It was obvious this was the direction retail was going and I wanted to be a part of it. Ten years later, I’m still so happy I made that decision.”

What makes Ellen want to get up and go to work every morning is the excitement in the building, along with the real-time feedback from customers. “Good or bad, we know right away what [the customer] thinks of a product,” Ellen told CEW’s

Beauty Insider.

What keeps Ellen up at night is stressing over a Today’s Special Value® kickoff. “If it is off to a slow start, you can’t sleep, and if it is good you are too excited to sleep.”

A key word in Ellen’s vernacular is “motivating” and she hopes her passion for the industry is evident to her colleagues. “It’s not just about hitting your sales numbers but being a good leader to the team, too.”