Eight years after its launch, online hair color brand, eSalon, has launched a major rebranding effort as part of a strategic next step to position the company for growth. On Wednesday, the company debuted a new logo, packaging design and product names, all of which were created in partnership with design firm, Collins.

The rebrand, which was influenced by consumer and industry insights, is meant to celebrate the themes of individuality and collaboration, while showcasing the artistry and color mastery behind the brand. To that end, the new designs are vibrant and bold, and the logo has been reformatted to take on a more artistic and fluid look with a signature-style design and brushstroke-inspired lettering. The logo is also now deliberately being placed on the back of all customized color bottles, which will allow the client’s name to take center stage. The products will be delivered in a redesigned box featuring millennial pink accents alongside minimalistic artwork of blue and green hues that integrate into one another, representing the collaborative relationship between colorist and client.

Additionally, all products have been renamed to be more straightforward and reflect their intended use and benefits, as a result of the feedback the company received from consumers. Instead of “Tinted Love,” consumers can now look for “Tint Rinse,” but the award-winning product formulas will stay the same.

Finally, the company has refreshed its website to be brighter and easier to navigate with four main tabs: Custom Color, where users can go to for their made-to-order custom hair color; Hair Care, a reorganized shoppable page of the brand’s hair care offerings; Color Mastery, a blog featuring articles, videos and tips; and, Support, an online customer service page.

“It’s been an incredible journey so far, but I’ve never been more excited about eSalon’s future than I am now,” said Francisco Gimenez, CEO and Co-Founder of eSalon. “To us, a revitalized brand was not just something we felt compelled to put forward, but something we deemed necessary to position us for this next stage of growth.”

In addition to the new branding, eSalon has expanded to an all-new, state-of-the-art manufacturing studio in El Segundo, California. The 39,000 square foot headquarters is equipped to produce more than 40,000 individually-blended color bottles a day, and features an onsite color studio, where clients can book a full-service appointment with an in-house colorist to receive a one-on-one consultation and color application.At the heart of the new space is a new manufacturing system the company calls, “Polly Chrome,” which can dispense up to eight custom orders at a time in under 20 seconds, enabling eSalon colorists to service more clients than before, while allowing the company to continue to scale operations in response to its expected forthcoming growth. Client color orders are calibrated by weight (vs volume), which enables colorists to formulate with unparalleled precision—down to 1/10th of a gram. This provides greater control to deliver the precise tone a client may have always wanted.

Since launching in fall 2010, eSalon has shipped nearly six million orders and has created over 165,000 unique color combinations. The company now has over 100 employees and a satellite office in London.