There are differing values and perceptions among workers from different generations. At CEW’s upcoming Career Development Series: Millennialize the Workplace, GenNEXT, The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.’s Millennial Employee Resource Group, will share insights on the skills and awareness Millennials, their managers and HR specialists need in order to succeed in today’s multi-generational workplace.

Beauty Insider sat down with Dan Mahony, Vice President, Global Procurement, Brands, The Estée Lauder Companies and GenNEXT’s Executive Co-Sponsor and Abigale Hoke, Product Specialist, Corporate Fragrance Development, Executive Co-Chair of GenNEXT, The Estée Lauder Companies and moderator of GenNEXT panel to learn more about GenNEXT and Millennials’ impact on the workforce.

Beauty Insider: What is GenNEXT and why is the group a valuable asset to The Estée Lauder Companies?

Dan Mahony: GenNEXT is The Estée Lauder Companies’ Millennial Employee Resource Group (ERG) and was founded in January 2014 by Millennial employees. GenNEXT provides a platform for Millennials, and those who are interested in this generation, to come together to share ideas, best practices and work experiences. The group brings together the voices of the Millennial generation to support and enhance professional development and advance business objectives. I have the pleasure of working closely with GenNEXT, alongside my Co-Executive Sponsor, Karen Buglisi Weiler, Global Brand President, MAC Cosmetics, on a variety of exciting projects that are strengthening the Company’s inclusive culture.

BI: Why is the topic of Millennials in the workplace so important?
DM: The reality is, the workplace is changing. For companies to stay competitive, they must understand and adapt to the changing needs of their workforce. It is also important to promote dialogue and collaboration among Millennials and other generations.

BI: At CEW’s upcoming Career Development Series, Millennialize the Workplace, you will be discussing the challenges that Millennials face in the workplace and showcasing a variety of Millennial life and work styles. Why is it important to understand these different types of Millennials?
Abigale Hoke: Although we are one generation, Millennials span nearly two decades. A one-size fits all model does not apply to how we work, develop and grow. Members of the Millennial generation can have entirely different life and work style preferences that should be considered and respected.

BI: What do you hope that attendees take away from the event on February 26?
AH: The objective of the event is to promote a deeper understanding of Millennial workplace values and how to effectively interpret Millennial behavior. We hope that this information will lead to greater cross-generational understanding, ultimately creating more harmonious work environments.

Hear more valuable insights from a panel of GenNEXT speakers at the event, which will held at Hearst Corporation in Manhattan. A cocktails and networking reception will begin at 6:00 p.m., followed by the program, from 6:30 p.m. to 7:40 p.m.

Individual CEW member tickets are $50, and nonmember tickets are $70. To register to attend this event, click here.