A new, upcoming event at The New York Botanical Garden will showcase more than 400 species of medicinal plants, making it one of the largest exhibitions of its kind. The exhibit, Wild Medicine: Healing Plants Around the World, unveils Saturday, May 18 and delves into the influence medicinal plants have had on history, health, cosmetics and the world’s cultures. Wild Medicine, which aims to teach visitors about the healing powers of tea, cacao, and tropical botanicals, will be showcased through September 8 within the 11 galleries of the one-acre Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. A presentation by Dr. Andrew Weil will kick off the exhibit.

AMOREPACIFIC, the exhibit’s sole beauty company, will feature green tea plants and cosmetics.

“The exhibit is the perfect branding for us,” said Nathalie Paiva, marketing and public relations manager for AMOREPACIFIC. “We are able to share our story and the numerous powerful benefits of green tea in health and beauty.”
Among the many features within Wild Medicine is bamboo sap, Korean red ginseng and an educational green tea garden, which will showcase AMOREPACIFIC’s award-winning green tea, an ingredient that is at the heart of the skin care brand’s efficacy. AMOREPACIFIC’s green tea, grown on Jeju Island in South Korea and harvested during a specific year, season and time of day to achieve optimal potency, contains EGCG, one of the most potent antioxidants in the world. AMOREPACIFIC was the first to stabilize EGCG in a topical skin care formula.

The pond courtyard will feature an AMOREPACIFIC tea garden, where the brand will be able to speak and showcase its full collection of skincare products to exhibit attendees.

The jewel brand of the beauty corporation of the same name, AMOREPACIFIC joins Metlife and Pfizer as sponsors of Wild Medicine.

Ticket prices for the exhibition vary by date, and are always free to Members. Certain special events will require a separate ticket. For more information, please visit http://www.nybg.org/exhibitions/2013/wild-medicine/index.php.