The latest K-Beauty trend positions skin care as an entertainment ritual, and even more so as an indulgent moment of self-care and pampering versus a daily chore. Heightened by novel application methods and innovative textures, the sensorial experience of skin care is a large part of the holistic approach toward Korean skin care.

As a subset of ‘skintertainment,’ ‘cleansertainment’ directly addresses the first and often most basic step in skin care with new, innovative textures that makes cleansing more of a tactile and interactive experience. Here, Glow Recipe spotlights some of the latest cleans-tertainment

trends sourced directly from Korea’s leading makeup artists, beauty editors and up-and-coming beauty brands.

Capsule Cleansing

A treat for the eyes and skin, cleansing beans are formulated with cleansing agents that are hand-rolled into spherical shapes. Crush one on the palm of your hand to break apart. Activated with water, the crushed bean will transform into a rich, creamy lather that deep cleanses without irritation. As cleansing beans are molded out of cleansing powder, it has the additional benefit of requiring less preservatives or binding agents to remain fresh.
VIDEO: May Island Bubble Bean Cleanser

Squish & Bubble
One-time use puffs infused with exfoliating ingredients are trending in Korea as a gentler – yet equally effective – alternative to typical scrubs. With the addition of water and a couple of gentle squeezes, a cleansing and exfoliating cloud of foam forms to buff away dead skin. Use the mesh-covered side to buff away dead skin cells clogging the skin, then finish by turning the puff around and using the softer side to gently pat away moisture. 
VIDEO: Wish Formula Squish & Bubble Mesh Mask

Q-Tip Beauty
Traditionally, exfoliation has been the polar opposite of soft, gentle, or hydration – the process involves stripping away dead skin cells at the cost of irritation and redness. The new exfoliators in K-Beauty gently reveal new skin while making the process easy and fun. Aqua Peeling is a popular dermatologist treatment in Korea that involves simultaneously peeling away dead skin while infusing the skin with hydration. Aqua peeling, which once was exclusively performed by professional dermatologists, has now been condensed into an over-sized cotton swab that exfoliates skin with precision.

VIDEO: Yoon Dermaline Aqua Peeler

Splash and Go
A recent development of the centuries-old Korean bathhouse tradition of splashing milk on the skin to clarify and brighten is the splash mask. Formulated with a lactic acid and botanical extract blend, splash masks can be used quickly in the shower as a morning cleanser to instantly re-texturize skin. The splash and patting action when applying the formula helps to awaken skin, pleasantly condensing the cleansing routine to 30 seconds.

VIDEO: Blithe Patting Splash Mask

The ethos of ‘skintertainment’ is reflected in Glow Recipe’s YouTube series #ButSkinFirst, which features pocket-sized product tutorials in less than one minute. Highlighting how skin care can be fun, Glow Recipe videos aim to present innovations in Korean skin care in a quick and relatable form.