March is the month that draws a hopeful divide between winter and spring. And this month, the lines were more apparent than ever—eyeliner lines, that is. More than three million users tried on liner looks ranging from the sassy cat eye to the dramatic smudged liner, as well as the ever popular retro-winged liner, among others. It’s amazing what a strategic line around the eyes can do to enhance a look. Here, the top five liner looks tried on by YouCam Makeup users in March—in other words, these are the styles you just can’t get enough of.

#1 Delicately Defined | 1,608,680 Try-Outs

The most popular liner look of the bunch—and with good reason. This “Classic Bar” look is insanely simple and defines the eyes just enough to give a fresh, clean crispness to your everyday look.

#2 Bold Cat Eye | 423, 347 Try-Outs

Flattering on almost all eye shapes, the thick bold style lining the entire eye is nothing short of glamorous.

#3 Swooped | 232, 917 Try-Outs

The long upward flicks can be tricky to master, but when done correctly, they lend a delicate, yet distinct, flared style that we just can’t get enough of.

#4 Retro Winged | 230, 740 Try-Outs

It’s bolder than a simple black line and extends to a short, distinct wing that makes eyes appear bigger and gives a darker, sexier look.

#5 Smudged | 215, 319 Try-Outs

Smoky and smoldering, this thick smudged liner look is the most dramatic of the bunch. The thick top and bottom lines and smoked out lines create the ultimate sexy eye, perfect for nighttime.