For the month of February, Maybelline

outshone the competition, earning the greatest number of YouTube views and videos-created about the brand, while MAC and NYX shared the spotlight on Instagram and Facebook, and NARS and Revlon realized increased engagement rates due to contests and giveaways via Twitter.

1. NARS: $4,677,676

2. Maybelline: $4,624,827

3. NYX: $4,019,087

4. L’Oréal: $3,564,431

5. MAC: $3,430,378

Tribe Dynamics, the San Francisco-based relationship management start up with proprietary data analytics software, provided additional insights to February’s results by measuring the number of impressions, audience size, number of publishers and post count a brand realizes.

According to Tribe, Maybelline continued to see more success among beauty vloggers than most brands in the space, consistently posting some of the highest engagement rates on the channel in both views and videos-created. While these “monthly roundup” and “favorite product” themed videos may not be on par with the sophisticated digital content we are seeing more and more of from in-house marketing efforts, they nevertheless have proven invaluable to the brand as far as raising brand awareness among an ideally-fitted target audience.

Although MAC and NYX differ in many ways (market, target audience, voice, etc.), they have strategic similarities when it comes to engagement with their respective communities. Both brands have had success building incredibly loyal customer bases through branding grounded in visual recognition. While both brands have certainly evolved over time, their overall messaging has been consistent, emphasizing dramatic color play and a wide range of shades. As a result, both brands have experienced a great deal of success via Instagram, and Facebook by extension, where the most visually captivating content experiences the greatest engagement.

Contests and giveaways via Twitter skyrocketed engagement rates for NARS and Revlon as both brands promised products to lucky winners who retweeted their original post. Although the value of these contest tweets and retweets is somewhat limited as far as meaningful engagement is concerned, there is something to be said for the value of a post that is retweeted over 3,000 times, including a brand name, images of products, all of which is shared among influencers and potential customers within the beauty community.

Tribe sources its data from the top 50,000 influencers in health, beauty and fashion. The brands included in each study are the most popular based on publicly available information of these brand’s annual revenue, reviews from consumers and retailers. To see the full report for the month of February, click here.