Building on its problem-solution heritage, First Aid Beauty has launched a new franchise, FAB Pharma, pharmacy-inspired skin care products featuring apothecary ingredients designed to offer relief for damaged, irritated and sensitive skin.

“When I started First Aid Beauty, I really wanted to take drugstore classics and elevate them with clean ingredients and formulas that were safe for sensitive skin,” explained Lilli Gordon, Founder, First Aid Beauty. “As we expand the brand, the mission has become broader and we saw an opportunity to go deeper and focus on different types of skin problems from a therapeutic standpoint.” First Aid Beauty was purchased by Procter & Gamble in July 2018 for an estimated $250 million.

The line is launching with two sku’s. One item is FAB Pharma Arnica Relief & Rescue Mask ($32), a creamy formula, that’s naturally tinted with blue tansy, and combines arnica, calendula and centella asiatica (a healing herb rooted in traditional Chinese medicine). The product aims to relieve skin irritation, redness, itching and tightness, while also providing a boost of hydration. The mask is meant to be worn as a thick layer for 15 minutes, before either blotting off or blending the excess into the skin.

“Arnica is such a classic homeopathic ingredient commonly used to help accelerate the healing process and reduce inflammation,” said Lilli. “We did a consumer perception study on this product and 92 percent of participants said they had soft, supple, less dehydrated skin after one week of use.”

The second item, FAB Pharma Oat & Hemp Multi-Fix Salve ($34), is a multitasking balm designed to treat various problems including chafing, cracked skin, hair fly-aways, split ends, dry elbows and rough cuticles.

“Everyone needs a good salve. It’s a traditional drug store product, and what I like best about it is that it delivers immediate relief,” said Lilli.  The star ingredients are oats, for its healing and soothing properties, hemp oil, for its omegas and amino acids, avocado oil and blend of nourishing butters.

The products launched on last week, and will launch in Sephora stores in January 2020. Future products to expand the collection are already in the works. “You’ll see more in 2020, targeting more specific problems. We think it could be a lot; not only skin care. Hint, hint,” she said.