Indie scent brand, DefineMe, has been tapped to launch a prestige range of fragrances for Disney, inspired by various Disney princesses. The first launch of the collaboration is the Ariel fragrance, which will be revealed at BeautyCon in Los Angeles on August 10 in celebration of The Little Mermaid’s 30th anniversary. The Disney Licensing team discovered DefineMe at Beautycon LA in 2018, and began work on the project in the Spring of 2019.

“We were beyond thrilled to collaborate with Disney,” said Jennifer McKay-Newton, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Director of DefineMe. “As an indie brand and on a personal level, creating fragrances for Disney is like I’m living my own Cinderella story. Even though we’re a small guy, I knew we would be a great fit for this project, since our core values are very aligned, especially when it comes to inspiring and empowering women. This is a true testament to where the beauty industry seems to be going. I believe the big guys are recognizing the creativity and ingenuity that indies can offer and they’re trusting us to get it done and do it well.”

When selecting the ingredients and notes for the Ariel scent, DefineMe drew their inspiration from the sea, as well as Ariel’s sense of adventure and curiosity. The fragrance is described as beachy, fresh and intoxicating, and features citrusy notes of neroli and bergamot, sweet florals of jasmine and lilac, and a beauty blend of tonka bean, coconut and driftwood.

“We intend for this to be a long-term partnership, we’re putting the love, time and creativity into the scents with the intention that this will be the recognizable scent for each of the Princesses. When you smell the scent you know it’s for Ariel, Mulan, Cinderella etc.,” said Jennifer.

The Ariel fragrance will be available for purchase in two sizes starting Fall 2019: a 75 ml bottle retails for $88, and 9 ml travel-size retails for $28. Retailers include,, and selective Disney Stores.

“Our goal is to roll out a new scent every season,” said Jennifer. “We’re starting with Ariel and we’re still making plans for the next roll out Spring 2020, for now it’s a surprise.”