On Tuesday, CEW Beauty News published a story that reported on Conair’s latest innovation in styling tools, a line by the founder’s granddaughter, that combines multifunctional tools, elevated design aesthetic and in-store education for a collection now launching at Ulta Beauty. It’s no surprise that innovation by Conair, as well as a multitude of other brands, are heating up sales of styling tools, outpacing volume gains across the entire hair care category, according to Nielsen data. Attaining hairstyles seen on social media is what’s propelling consumers into stores–and ultimately to purchase. But did you know that hair dryers originally resembled tubas, elephant trunks and astronaut helmets? CEW Beauty News took a look back at several versions of vintage hair dryers, which began to surface to the public in 1928. One “updated” version, circa 1930, was presented at the Hairdressing Exhibition in London. What does it look like to you? Click here to take a look.

Supreme Pedestal hairdryer at the Hairdressing Exhibition in London. Sept. 22, 1932.
A woman uses a heat lamp and hairdryer made of hot glass, 1948.