For those who doubted former beauty executive Andrea Q. Robinson’s turn as an author, you’ll be surprised to know that the first printing of her book, “Toss the Gloss: Beauty Tips, Tricks & Truths for Women 50+” has completely sold out.

But no fear, a fresh shipment of books is arriving to bookstores and distributors today as they come off of a second printing. To-date, 16,000 books have been printed.

So, why does Andrea think her book targeting women over 50 with beauty tips is resonating?

“For many women, even women who are sophisticated about their fashion, they are often less sophisticated about their makeup. I always have a crowd of women around me who want to know what they should do. Turning 50 is a big change for the skin. And what has worked up until that point doesn’t necessarily work as your skin changes and hormones change. That was the general idea in writing this book and lots of people are very happy about it. There’s a big need for this market and I think it’s generally over-ignored. It’s not considered a sexy subject but it is a subject,” Andrea said.

The book includes product tips for all skin tones and price points, Andrea said, adding that she spent her whole book advance on hiring a research team to help her uncover what’s available in the beauty industry for consumers.

“I love the beauty industry. I grew up there. I feel like I challenged the beauty corporations when I was inside them and now I am thrown the challenge, too. I’m not being negative but there is a big challenge that they’re not addressing, ” she said.

There are over 50 million women over 50 in our nation. Andrea cited data that included how this 50+ demographic controls 19% of the nation’s wealth and spends $4 trillion on goods and services. “And, we make most of the purchasing decisions.”

Andrea, who once was president of Ralph Lauren Fragrances Worldwide, and who also held posts at Revlon and Esteé Lauder, held a book launch in early April, which was appropriately held at the Ralph Lauren store on Madison Avenue in New York. The event was attended by a who’s who in beauty, as well as social and publishing circles, including Ralph Lauren, Linda Wells, Editor in Chief of Allure; Sarah Brown, Beauty Director at Vogue; Gina Sanders, President and CEO of Fairchild Fashion Group and Allen Burke, former head of beauty at QVC.

Andrea came up with the idea for a line of beauty products for women over 50 a couple of years ago.

“The idea for this beauty line was always running around in the back of my mind and I set out to do it. But then I thought that maybe I need a platform to be able to go and speak about this, so that’s how the idea for the book came about. I backed into it.”

Andrea is passionate about the 50+ population and how they deserve to have their needs met.

“We are the generation of baby boomers who changed everything. Why should we spend the last third of our life just rolling over without speaking up?”

Her color makeup line, called Mrs. Robinson, is expected to launch in spring 2015.

“I can’t say much about it but it is in the midst of developing. I’m working with a few people I’ve known in the beauty world.”