A new online destination is set to launch this spring, offering consumers digital content focused on plant-based solutions for skin health and wellness. The site, wellwithinbeauty.com, launches April 20 and will also serve as an e-commerce platform to distribute the company’s natural, organic skin care brand, Planted In Beauty.

Founded by Lynne Florio and Renee Tavoularis, seasoned beauty executives who worked together at La Prairie for more than 20 years, the venture is grounded in the idea that there is a connection between the products used on the skin, personal nutrition and lifestyle choices.

“Lynne and I wanted to create a brand that spoke both to our passion and pursuit of well-being,” explained Renee. “A natural, organic skin care focus is not the most obvious path you would expect us to take, but this is where we are in our own personal journeys.”

The duo’s passion for wellness has mobilized them to pursue certifications that will be complimentary to their business: Lynne is currently studying to become a Certified Plant Based Chef; Renee recently became an Integrated Nutrition Health Coach. These professions will make them experts in two key areas offered on the website, as original and curated plant-based recipes will be posted regularly, and an online health coaching service will be offered to provide support for people looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“Our goal is to have consumers find a place to be well within our community of individuals, coaches and experts, who will provide them with help through our website, so they can achieve optimized skin health and wellness,” said Lynne.

Consumers will also have access to expertly curated intel across three categories: beauty, nutrition and lifestyle. A comprehensive natural ingredient glossary, complete with photos, original scientific names and detailed skin care benefits, is also available. The content is meant to help educate consumers in a credible space.

“We were overwhelmed by the wealth of information on the topic of wellness when we started our research, and felt that there was an opportunity for us to cut through the clutter and provide well-curated information,” said Lynne.

The website will also offer consumers the opportunity to purchase products from the brand’s luxury seven-piece, plant-based line which features products in the categories of cleanse, treat and protect. Prices will range from $65 to $200.

“We developed the skin care products with the understanding that 60 percent of the products that we apply onto our skin has the potential to be absorbed into the blood stream and circulated to the rest of our cells,” explained Renee. “We have therefore chosen to formulate them only with natural ingredients. 100 percent of the ingredients are derived from natural origins and 98 percent of the plant ingredients are certified organic.”

At launch, the e-commerce platform will be focused only on skin care, but the duo is already planning for expansion. As early as the fall, they will be entering the nutrition category with a supplement that will aim to promote good health from the inside out, and they hoping to roll out hair, body and makeup products in the future.

“We think the time is right for Well Within. Consumers are seeking ways to integrate wellness into everything they do from the food they by to how they live their lives. They are looking to align themselves with brands they believe have trustworthiness, transparency and provide high-performance and high benefits and that’s what we intend to do,” said Lynne.