Meet Shoval Shavit Shapiro, an Israeli-born artist and innovator, who several years ago embarked on a journey to bring the concept of Visual Fragrance to life, whereby someone would not just smell fragrance, but see it on their body.

To take her idea to execution, Shoval turned to her chemistry-expert mother, Aliza, and with the backing of serial innovation entrepreneur, David Chissick, the trio founded Amkiri. By 2017, the team created a patented fragranced temporary ink, along with beauty tool applicators, making it possible for users to paint fragrance on their bodies. The ink features a premium scent that can last for 12 hours or more, and color that can last for days, which moves easily with the natural elasticity of skin. The innovation creates a new category within scent, enabling consumers the complete freedom of multi-sensory self-expression. Designs can be freehand or created by using supplied stencils, which range from diamonds to hearts to exotic birds and more. Visual Fragrance technology is fast-drying and long-lasting, and is easy to remove with just soap and water. The product is slated for January distribution.

“I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs with ambition all around me. My parents had a successful natural cosmetics company. I see design challenges as a chance to create something new, even if it seems impossible. Amkiri is an example of this,” said Shoval of her creation.

This year, CEW celebrates Shoval for her creation, Visual Fragrance, with the 2018 Scent Innovator Award, presented by IFF. Meet Shoval and experience her innovation at this year’s Achiever Awards Luncheon, to be held September 21 at the Hilton Midtown. To attend the luncheon, please click here.