This spring fans of Givenchy haute-couture can sport more than just magnificent clothing. They’ll be able to raise their noses in deep scented appreciation as the House of Givenchy releases L’Atelier de Givenchy, a line of seven new fragrances, each inspired by the brand’s iconic fashions of the past.

The Haute-Perfume made its U.S. debut in late April at Saks Fifth Avenue.

“Saks is a great brand builder and they’ve been wonderful partners over the years with all of the brands we represent,” said Nicholas Munafo, President of LVMH Fragrance Brands. L’Atelier de Givenchy already launched at Harrods and it’s ranking in the top three so we are certainly looking for a big success with this brand. Currently this is the only place to purchase it in North America, so we’re very excited about that.”

Saks shares that enthusiasm.

“We decided to create the first environment in New York City to dedicate a haute perfumery for all these wonderful, exclusive, narrowly distributed, brands that tell a story while romancing the customer,” said Wendy Gottfried, Vice President Director and Merchandise Manager of Fragrance and Intimate Apparel at Saks. “Haute perfumery is something we’ve been focusing on for the past five to 10 years and we’re completing it with this beautiful collection from Givenchy.”

L’Atelier de Givenchy is the 13th stand-alone-store, which is part of Saks’ new skincare, cosmetic and fragrance floor, which launched last September. The fragrance also marks the latest and last addition to complete the floor’s massive renovation.

The L’Atelier de Givenchy perfumes are a tribute and a triumph to Founder Hurbert de Givenchy and Riccardo Tisci. For inspiration the brand looked at their fashion archives from 2005 to 2011.

“We’re really taking our cues from fashion, and Givenchy’s expertise, not only in fashion but also in fragrance,” added Nicholas. “It was a several-year process and many beautiful ingredients were used. Each fragrance corresponds with a specific sketch or article of clothing.”

The names of the perfumes combine elements used to create the scents while giving a nod to their high fashion origins. Included in the collection: Cuir Blanc, Chypre Caresse, Bois Martial, Ylang Austral, Ambre Tigré, Oud Flamboyant and Néroli Originel, which exudes iris, Tunisian neroli and musk-vanilla to evoke a subtle recollection of the famous gown worn by Givenchy’s muse, Audrey Hepburn. Customers are asked to look at “mood boards,” collage-like cards which contain fabrics, clothing swatches, sketches and photos – all of which help represent the fashion to which that specific fragrance is associated. Of course the perfume resides next to its assigned card so customers can make a visual and olfactory connection.

Each of the fragrances introduced is sure to elicit memories of its inspiring stylish origins, no matter which scent customers choose. Even the bottle was created to be fashion-driven. Spools of thread are utilized in the creation of the cap. It would seem that the fabric of our lives can now be our scent as well as our clothing.

L’Atelier de Givenchy eaux de parfum sells for $220 per 100 ml bottle.