This week, Function of Beauty expanded its direct-to-consumer model by opening up its Soho headquarters, inviting the masses to experience customizing their own shampoo and conditioner. The light and airy showroom space opened in fall 2017 as a condensed replica of its 20,000 square-foot warehouse in Pennsylvania, and houses an onsite research and development lab, which previously only accepted private appointments.

This isn’t the first time Function of Beauty has provided in-person opportunities for consumers. In November 2016 the company launched a week-long pop-up store in Nolita. By opening up its headquarters, the company is aiming to provide a high-touch personalized experience, which goes as far as greeting each individual with their name adorned on the entrance’s wall upon arrival.

“Customers want the perfect product for themselves, and the only way to achieve that is by customizing every single aspect to their desires and needs,” said Zahir Dossa, CEO and Co-Founder of Function of Beauty. “By offering our customers an in-person experience, they can view the magic behind Function of Beauty, and it gives us the opportunity to showcase first-hand how personalized and customizable our products are.”

Function of Beauty, which launched online in December 2015, utilizes a hair quiz and a proprietary algorithm to develop a unique formula to achieve an individual’s hair goals. To give consumers a feel for the number of ingredients and possible combinations (over 12 billion custom combinations are possible), the space incorporates a Willy-Wonka-like filling station featuring a floor-to-ceiling wall displaying a colorful assortment of more than 100 ingredients in transparent bottles. After completing the brand’s quiz onsite, consumers can watch the various hues travel from the wall via clear filling tubes and into two 8-oz shampoo and conditioner bottles, which are pre-customized with their name before they arrive. The bottles are then placed in a gyroscopic mixer for four minutes to blend the formulas, before fitted in a customized box, complete with customer name, regimen card and directions. The entire experience takes about 30 minutes, and costs $36.

To date, the lab has accumulated a waitlist of more than 1,500 eager consumers. But don’t expect additional locations anytime soon. “As NYC is where our headquarters are based, it made sense to open the store here. Currently, we don’t have any plans to expand,” said Zahir.

Appointments can be booked online, and are available Thursday through Sunday from 12 pm to 4 pm.