L’Oréal Paris is aiming to revolutionize the way women interact with beauty.

The leading global beauty brand has created an app, Makeup Genius, which will allow consumers to try on over 300 color cosmetics in real time by transforming iPhone and iPad devices into live digital mirrors. The augmented reality makeup rendering ultimately lets users become their own makeup designer with just a few clicks, and test L’Oréal Paris products without having to guess what it will look like before purchasing.

Makeup Genius was unveiled to a packed house of beauty editors and influencers Thursday night at The Glass Houses in New York City, where guests were encouraged to test out the app, which is still in beta. The technology, L’Oréal executives said, was first used in Hollywood in the movie industry and was developed in partnership with the firm that created the visual effects seen in “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”.

Attendees smiled, frowned and squinted as they interacted with the advanced facial mapping technology, which captures 64 facial data points and up to 100 expressions. Guests appeared in awe of how the makeup intuitively stayed on their virtual reflection, as if they were really wearing it.

“The consumer is looking for the best personalized experience possible,” said Marc Speichert, CMO Leader of the L’Oréal Group, in an interview with CEW Beauty Insider. “The Makeup Genius will ultimately set L’Oréal apart as the best brand that can help the consumer find the best products that are right for her.”

In addition to the opportunity of trying out hundreds of L’Oréal Paris products, users can also follow makeup designer-led tutorials, select curated looks and share photos on social media to get advice from friends. The products tested can also be purchased straight from the app.

“Makeup Genius will single-handedly change the game of makeup,” said Billy B., L’Oréal Paris consulting makeup artist. “You don’t have to wash off any makeup. You can simply push a button and create another look.”

Makeup Genius will be available for free on iTunes in June 2014 for iPhones and iPads. The android version will launch by the end of 2014.