Glossier’s new 3,000 square-foot Manhattan flagship is looking to bring the digitally-native brand to life through an immersive community space that leverages its proprietary technology. Opened November 7, the showroom is located in the heart of Soho on 123 Lafayette Street, the site of the brand’s original, yet smaller, office. Highlights include an Instagram-friendly aesthetic, in-person product discovery experiences and high-touch service. CEW Beauty Insider visited the space; here’s what we saw.

Instagram-friendly Aesthetic

As a digital brand, it’s not surprising that Glossier’s new showroom is an Instagrammer’s paradise. Doors open to revel a dramatic, winding burgundy quartz-pebble staircase nestled within a curved entryway. When guests reach the top of the stairwell, they are greeted by pink-tinted plaster walls, seating areas and a concierge-inspired fulfillment center. The main room is bathed in soft-pink hues and warm lighting, and features scattered florals, a wavy wall-length red couch and ample selfie mirrors. To encourage even more social creation, tucked away is an infinity mirror room, featuring an arrangement of gigantic tubes of Glossier’s bestseller, Boy Brow.

In-Person Product Discovery

The product experience takes center stage with several circular communal testing tables where consumers can interact with the digital brand’s full line of product offerings. For even more testing opportunities, the center of the space offers a semi-private “wet bar,” featuring sinks where guests can discover and test the brand’s many skin care and makeup products.

High-Touch Customer Service

Guests needing help picking out the right products can be aided by sales associates the company refers to as “Offline Editors.” They’re easy to spot thanks to utility jumpsuit uniforms in Glossier Pink, which are equipped with large pockets for multiple products and an iPad, used to process orders using the company’s custom designed point-of-sale system. The POS includes a Glossier-specific mobile checkout process that was built for all offline locations. To support the mobile checkout, the company’s tech team developed a custom Retail Admin system that notifies employees on the third floor to begin packing orders, which are delivered via a conveyer belt to the pickup center below. The same system is used for the website’s new “In-Store Pickup” option, which allows online customers to place an order online and retrieve it same day and in person at the fulfillment station.

While Glossier does not have plans to open additional permanent retail stores, the company will continue to experiment with temporary retail experiences next year. Additionally, the company will be investing in the creation of what Emily Weiss, Glossier’s Founder and CEO, said is the next iteration of e-commerce—emotional commerce—which involves exploring ways to engage directly with consumers beyond selling products.