Millennial favorite beauty brand, Glossier, has introduced a sister range, Glossier Play. Referred to as a brand of “dialed-up beauty extras,” the new color makeup line includes four products comprised of 28 shades, and two tools.

To drive excitement, Glossier posted cryptic messaging via Instagram at the end of February, leading fans to wonder for almost two weeks what Glossier Play was. The brand teased the Glossier Play concept to its 1.8 million followers with a post featuring the brand’s “G” logo in gold—as opposed to the usual millennial pink the brand has made famous. Within 24 hours, the new Glossier Play Instagram handle accumulated 57,000 followers with no further details announced. On March 4, the glitter-infused line made its debut, looking to complement its more natural-bent sister.

The new range features Colorslide ($15), a gel eyeliner pencil; Vinylic Lip ($16), a high-shine lacquer in a click pen format; Niteshine ($20), a buildable pearlescent highlighter with doe-foot applicator; Glitter Gelée, a glitter gel; Blade ($4), a high-tech sharpener; and The Detailer ($6), a precise applicator designed for Glitter Gelée ($14). Consumers can opt for the Glossier Play starter pack, The Playground ($60), which includes a Vinylic Lip, a Glitter Gelée, a Niteshine and one Colorslide—plus The Detailer and Blade.

Glossier Play, like Glossier, is available exclusively on its website, in its stores and pop-ups.

The new range came about as a solution to consumers who were tagging themselves in pictures featuring neutral Glossier makeup, along with pops of vibrant color in the form of bold lips or eye looks.

Though the aesthetic is more Studio 54 than wellness retreat, Glossier Play’s philosophy is in keeping with Glossier’s tagline, “Skin first. Makeup Second. Smile always.”