According to a post on Glossier’s company blog, the beauty brand has announced it will not reopen its three stores for the remainder of the year, “and possibly for the duration of the pandemic,” wrote the company’s founder, Emily Weiss, on August 7.

“Since we closed our stores in March, we’ve strived to make the ‘right next decision’ with a people-first lens, given all the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic. In recent months, it’s become clear that we will be living with the health and safety risks of COVID-19 for the remainder of 2020 and likely beyond,” the post said.

The retail closures mean laying off employees in New York, Los Angeles and London. These employees will be receiving 12 weeks of severance; healthcare coverage through the end of October for those on the company’s plan; “and additional wellness and mental health services.” For the London team, who is employed through a third party, contracts will not be renewed.