In late July the media and beauty industry folk celebrated the opening of Orogold, a California-based company specializing in mineral infused anti-aging cosmetics and products. Located at 118 E. 57th St., the tri-level space, complete with two treatment rooms, marks Orogold’s Manhattan debut, joining their 40-plus stores throughout the US.

Attendees donned diamonds, pearls and gold. But while flaunting your jewels at an event is nothing new, wearing them on your face is. And that’s part of the theory – and price tag — behind Orogold. Founded in 2008, their 50-plus products claim to contain enormous healing properties, gold taking center stage and being infused into each one.

Part of the celebration included the launch of two new products, 24K Mousse Perfecting Foundation, $98, and 24K Caviar Micro-Beads Serum, $750. (Their most expensive item is the 24K CryogeniC Set, which includes a mask, face cream, eye firming cream and face elixir, which sells for $3,000.)

Denise Richards, of ABC Family’s Twisted, serves as their beauty ambassador, and was on hand to cut the ribbon and answer questions about the company.

“I’m not adventurous.I won’t try a blood facial [a procedure that injects a patient’s own enriched blood for anti-aging purposes].I’d rather keep things natural and I really love what the brand offers in terms of their products.People are starting to understand minerals and that’s really good for us,” Denise said.She also cited the 24K Térmica Energizing Mask, a penetrating treatment that heats up on skin removing dirt and toxins, as well as revitalizing and adding youth to one’s appearance, as one of her favorite products. “I don’t have a lot of time to go and get a facial, this makes me feel like I’m getting one at home.What I like about the line is that I can mix and match products and address different issues when they come up.”

Denise had been approached to endorse other companies before, but had never been impressed until now. So are we.