On Valentine’s Day, Gwen Stefani headlined a special event for Revlon to celebrate its Choose Love campaign at Tribeca Rooftop in New York City. The singer, who was announced as the brand’s global ambassador last month, discussed the synergy between her and the new role in an interview with beauty influencer, Kandee Johnson.

“I’m a makeup fanatic,” she said. “I think that if I didn’t end up in music, I would have found my way as a makeup artist at some point…I worked at Borghese and Ultima II (a Revlon brand) back in the day… [and I] still do my own makeup before I go on stage every night on tour.”

Known for her signature bold red lip, Gwen discussed her makeup trajectory, which included wearing frosted pink lip colors throughout her teen years, as well as her love for cosmetics and the beauty industry.

“It all just comes from wanting self-expression. Makeup is so creative and mood changing,” she said. “I have this song that I wrote on my last record called War Paint and it’s [based on the] idea of transforming whatever’s going on in your life and whatever you’re feeling, so I just think it’s a really amazing, creative place to be and I love it.”

As Revlon’s ambassador, Gwen follows in the footsteps of Ciara, Halle Berry, Olivia Wilde and Alejandra Espinoza. During the Q&A, she revealed that the brand’s Choose Love campaign resonated with her especially following her difficult split from musician Gavin Rossdale.

“I just think to a few years ago when I was scraping myself off the floor going, ‘What am I gonna do?’ I turned to music and I wrote a record and I think that that was a choice,” she recalled. “I got to go on tour for the first time in seven years and exchange love with people who supported me all this time. It was just a magical choice.”

As part of the next phase of Revlon’s Love Is On brand mission, the global Choose Love campaign kicked off earlier this month inviting women around the world to join the movement by uploading photos of themselves, showing how they #CHOOSELOVE while blowing kisses and tagging someone to participate. Television spots, digital and print ads featuring all global brand ambassadors are supporting the campaign.

“Revlon is a company that speaks to the world and they can say anything to the world and they are using their platform to say, ‘choose love.’ Who doesn’t want to be part of that positive message? It’s [so] in line with my own life,” said Gwen.