Come August 9, Marc Jacobs joins the ranks of clothing designers such as Tom Ford and Giorgio Armani who have turned their attention and sharp eye for detail towards brushes, powders and glosses.

A trend? Perhaps.

This fall, both Michael Kors and Tory Burch will hit stores with cosmetics lines, but Marc’s items have been hyped since April 2012 when whispers of the launch first developed in the beauty industry.

Though Marc has created (successful) fragrances in the past, his comprehensive line of 120-plus makeup products, in collaboration with Sephora, is his first foray into designing for the face. When asked why cosmetics, his answer was simple: “I wanted to do makeup because I love the entire ritual of getting dressed. The makeup is the finishing touch. And it was another wonderful opportunity to design and further transmit a mood.”

The collection is broken down into four categories: Smart Complexion, foundations and powders; Blacquer, eyeliners and lash lifters; Hi-Per Color, lip products and eye shadows; and lastly, Boy Tested, Girl Approved, the unisex essentials – comprised of his personal favorites like Makeout, a lip-lock moisture balm (think luxury Chapstick), and Brow Tamer grooming gel.

His colors are bold and bright as he feels nudes are lazy. His packaging is super sleek and uber shiny…beautifully black with hints or accents of silver.

Aside from the design element, technology also plays a huge role in formulas. Foundations are created with first-to-market “buoyancy Gel technology,” and are appropriately named Genius Gel. Available in 16 shades, the anti-aging foundations protect and hydrate the skin with coconut water extracts. He’s also created a new vocabulary, like Blacquer – which he claims is the blackest and shiniest black available – found in his waterproof Magic Marc`er Precision Pen liquid eye liner and his Lash Lifter gel volume mascara, which contains E-lashtic technology. This works like spandex to make lashes lifted and “voluminous.”

The names given to his products are just as important to Marc as are his colors and packaging. His Remedy Concealer Pens, whose patented palladium tips cool and smooth skin, are used to help hide unpleasant visual remnants of a late night, not to mention offer cleverly coined monikers like Last Call, Up All Night, and Rendezvous.

The names for his blushes are a personal nod to the tattoo found on his upper chest, aptly named Shameless, and include Irresistible, Naughty, Obsessed and Reckless.

Enamored – and at this point who isn’t? – is his hi-shine lacquer, inspired from his coffee table which has been lacquered 30 times. Like his tabletop, his 18 nail polishes mirror a wet “30 coat” lacquer look. His shadow pallets, called Style Eye-Con, are specifically created to showcase only an odd number of shades (three and seven) as Marc is not a big fan of evens. Each shadow offers a different finish. Lolita, the tamest of the bunch, gives its wearer shimmering metallics, buttery mattes and lustrous sheens.

Sephora’s web site reportedly features a countdown clock, a gesture perhaps meant to build consumer excitement and a little suspense around the launch. Admittedly, ours has already started ticking.