With the rise in DIY self-care, primarily in the prestige beauty sector, it’s no wonder brands with roots steeped in the mass market are eyeing ways to cross over and engage the premium shopper.

Enter HoMedics, a 30-year-old brand best known for its in-home health and wellness products and personal care massagers. This month, the company will launch HoMedics Beauty, a nine-item collection of at-home self-care items, designed to do everything from smooth callused feet to inhibit hair growth and even help firm imperfect areas on the body.

“HoMedics has been pioneering at-home wellness and innovating in the device category for 30 years. Since we already specialize in giving our consumers tools for all kinds of self-care in the comfort of their homes, it was a natural extension for us to expand our offering into Beauty with a line of affordable and effective skincare devices. Our mission is for women to now get spa-quality results for a fraction of the cost whenever and wherever they want, no appointment necessary,” said Daniel Kaufman, Director of Corporate Strategy, HoMedics.

Products are currently sold on QVC. Additional distribution is being cultivated for 2018.

The lineup includes a Duo Climate Hot and Cold Sonic Facial Wand ($129.99), which aims to gently dilate pores and increase blood flow with heat activation; smooth sensitive skin and reduce redness and puffiness with an instant cooling feature; and boost circulation with sonic vibration.

There’s a Silicone Facial Cleansing Brush, and one for the body ($59.99), too, which exfoliate dead skin cells with eight degrees of sonic vibration and three different textured surfaces. Even better, the soft-touch medical grade silicone makes the device easy to clean.

A Radiance Microdermabrasion wand ($99) buffs away dull outer layers of dead skin while stimulating fresher, younger-looking skin cells. Complete with two diamond tips for normal and sensitive skin, plus four levels of intensity for custom comfort, this targeted device navigates the curves of the face with precision.

The Duo Lite ($249.99) and Duo Quartz ($369.99) tools are designed tobanish unwanted hair through a combination of Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) and Intense Pulsed Lights (IPL). With gentle modes that are safe for sensitive areas such as the face and bikini line, plus more intense levels for dense hair, these devices use powerful light to gradually deactivate follicles and inhibit future hair growth.

A Body Shaping Massager ($79.99) targets tired muscles and unwanted dimpling of the skin with multiple levels of soothing pressure and heat. With regular use, skin becomes firmer, smoother, and tighter, while muscles become more relaxed.

Finally, a portable and lightweight Compact Charging LED Mirror ($39.99) comes with 1x and 5x magnifying mirrors, a powerful LED light, and a rechargeable power bank that can provide up to 10 hours of use and charge a full phone battery.

To get word out to consumers, the brand has a marketing plan that includes the creation of unique and exciting content as well as meaningful brand partnerships.

“We are confident that, through years of research assessing where she is, how she shops, and what she needs, we are poised to connect with the premium shopper through authentic messaging and, most importantly, assist with education on all the new and exciting ways these beauty tools can help revolutionize modern beauty routines,” said Karyn Bylinowski, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, HoMedics.