More than 100 beauty industry insiders and supporters gathered July 15 at the Gansevoort Park Hotel to hear philosophy, the beauty brand known for promoting well-being with its uplifting product messages, as they announced plans for their new charity: Hope and Grace Initiative. Focusing exclusively on mental illness and community-based mental health organizations, the company will donate 1 percent of sales from products purchased on their website beginning January. And, 1 percent of all sales of products overall will also go towards the fund. To help kick off the auspicious occasion, the breakfast event included speakers media mogul Arianna Huffington; Jill Scalamandre, Chief Marketing Officer, Skin Care, Coty Inc.; Marc Rey, Senior Vice President North America/President Coty Prestige USA; Jean Mortier, President of Coty Prestige and actress Glenn Close.

Glenn, who co-founded the mental health organization Bring Change 2 Mind was philosophy’s first recipient. “They found us on our website a couple of months ago,” Glenn said. “I knew personally about the company, but they presented their ideas to us in our last board meeting. When we asked, ‘Why us?’ they said; ‘We think you embody the essence of this initiative.’”

Bring Change 2 Mind’s mission is to raise awareness and work to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness, a subject close to Glenn’s heart as both her sister and her nephew suffer from mental illness. “We believe in nurturing the skin, mind and soul. That’s what makes us very different from other companies,” said Jill.

“We want to be more aligned and committed to our well being.” Founded in 1996 by Cristina Carlino, philosophy now resides within the Coty portfolio; the company offers more than 100 skincare, bath, body and fragrance items.

Giving a nod to the company’s two best-selling products, Hope In a Jar moisturizer and Amazing Grace fragrance, both launched with the brand, inspired the name of the program. “These products have made an impact in women’s lives for almost 20 years,” she added. “Our products have always been wrapped in insight and inspiration, so we can inspire beautiful days as well as beautiful skin. By dedicating a portion of the sale of every product at all times, we can be confident that the contribution we are making is significant, and that we’ll be able to further empower her from the inside out.”

The limitless program makes philosophy the first beauty company to solely focus on mental health and well-being, a subject often overlooked yet enormously important in today’s health and well-being arena. Additionally, philosophy becomes the first global skin care and fragrance brand to make the fully encompassing commitment to contribute at least 1 percent of all sales towards to philanthropic efforts with no product restriction.