An increasing number of skin care brands are focusing on women’s monthly hormonal fluctuations by creating products that specifically address skin’s changing needs during a 28-day cycle, and more. CEW Beauty Insider spotlights a handful of brands that are growing this new category of skin care.

Differentiator: Knours. connects to an app so users can track their monthly cycle, better understand their skin’s needs and tailor their skin care regimens accordingly. Products are priced from $6 to $48.

Positioning: Knours., which stands for Know Your Skin. Period., is a clean skin care brand that customizes regimens based on skin’s changing needs throughout a woman’s 28-day cycle. The brand’s app, U-Know, is described as a period, mood and skin tracker in one. After downloading the app, users input the date of their last period and answer a skin care questionnaire. Then the app analyzes users’ monthly cycles and associated changes in skin condition, and generates personalized skin care recommendations.

Notable products: D-5 Calming Facial Soap is recommended for the week before a period (‘hello, PMS skin’). Sweet Enough Rescue Mask is designed to tame inflammation common mid-period. Knours. avoids ingredients that could be potential hormonal disruptors, and includes MultiEx BSASM, a patented blend of seven plant extracts with soothing, antioxidative and anti-inflammatory benefits.


Differentiator: Amareta prides itself on not containing hormone-disrupting chemicals, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances and questionable plant extracts or essential oils. Price range: $32 – $68 (not including bundles).

Positioning: Amareta is hormonal cycle-based skin care formulated with clean and plant-based ingredients. The brand believes hormone fluctuations is one of the biggest factors in changing skin conditions, and enables users to sync beauty rituals with their cycle in order to treat their skin at every stage of the month.

Notable products: Products are divided into Daily Beauty Essentials with pH-balanced formulas including guava leaf extract, lemon peel bio-ferment and hyaluronate acid. Glowing items, which are used during the first two weeks of one’s 4-week cycle, uses cranberry enzymes and meadow foam seed oil to brighten and replenish skin. Clarifying items, which are used during weeks three and four, include tea tree and witch hazel to detoxify, clear and heal breakouts.

Stratum C

Differentiator: Stratum C’s menopause skin care products feature active ingredients at higher concentrations than other brands (up to 12 times higher), the brand said. Items retail between $20 and $65.
Positioning: Stratum C uses a combination of six peptides to replenish lost collagen and attack existing wrinkles. The brand said it uses a high concentration to stimulate the skin to nearly double collagen production, leaving the face looking plumper, radiant and protected against wrinkle formation. Products are free from parabens, DEA, BHA, BHT, phthalate and formaldehyde.

Notable products: Stratum C Menopause Project Cream contains stimulating peptides, matrixyl (to stimulate the growth of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid to aid in refilling wrinkles naturally from within the skin), hyaluronic acid and squalene. Stratum C Menopause Repair Serum is a gel created from Irish moss seaweed extract with high levels of hyaluron.

Differentiator: BeautyMe was created by Michelle Yagoda, a New York City plastic surgeon who had been researching ingestible peptides and lipids for 20 years. The brand’s flagship product, The One, is a gluten-free powder with skin-loving nutrients that ebb with age. It sells for $19.95.

Positioning: BeautyMe offers natural, potent beauty nutrients for healthy, fresh skin. The brand’s products contain antioxidants, peptides, collagen, hyaluronic acid and natural emollients to nourish and repair skin and promote healthy hair and stronger nails.

Notable products: The One is a vanilla crème powder that is mixed into juices, smoothies, tea and coffee starting on the first day of one’s period. It is continued for five days thereafter. The One contains plant-based essential lipids, peptides, collagen, biotin, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, magnesium, calcium and zinc, copper and manganese. The product is made in a USDA organic-certified factory. It is gluten-free, and free of artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners.

Flo Living Supplement

Differentiator: FLOLiving enables users to resolve their hormone symptoms naturally with food, supplements and self-care. TheMyFLO period tracker app costs $1.99. FLOLiving also sells monthly supplement kits.

Positioning: MyFLO is a smart scheduling and symptom tracking app that provides support for menstruating women. The brand positions itself as a concierge in-home, hormone-care service provider. Users can use the MyFLO app, log into the brand’s protocol portal, and order period-easing products that will put period symptoms and conditions into remission.

Notable products: The MyFLO app is a period-tracking app that enables users to track symptoms daily and navigate their 28-day cycle. The app analyzes which symptoms are a recurring problem, then recommends a weekly, food-based prescription to resolve them. The app notifies users when they have entered a new phase, and suggests food, exercise and activities that are compatible with that phase, what the brand refers to asCycle Syncing.

Twig & Petal

Differentiator: Twig + Petal sources and harvests wild plants grown in their natural habitat. The brand tests every batch of oils prior to bottling to ensure they uphold the highest standards. Twig + Petal, whose tag line is ‘essentials with roots’, utilizes ecofriendly and biodynamic farming practices. Products sell for between $19 and $25.

Positioning: Twig & Petal describes itself as nature’s pharmacy, and specializes in handcrafted, organic products. The brand delivers targeted healing for an array of ailments, including hormone-induced symptoms, by way of multipurpose oils, salves, lotions, rollers, blends, bath salts and room sprays.

Notable products: Twig + Petal’s For Her collection features essential-oil infused items, including a Moon Cycle Roller (a monthly support system, with clary sage to reduce symptoms of PMS, including cramps, aches, moodiness, and stress).