This summer, newcomer Ketish is aiming to shake up the sexual wellness industry with its collection of luxury-focused feminine care products. The brand will be the first launch from HB Angels, an incubator under Huda Beauty’s HB Investments venture capital firm.

Developed by former Huda Beauty product developer, Emaan Abbass, the company is keeping the details of the collection under wraps for now, but the assortment, which will be fully revealed in mid-August on, has been thoughtfully curated to cater to the body’s most delicate parts.

“We want to take feminine and sexual wellness outside of the pharmacy — a place that’s typically associated with something being wrong or feeling sick,” said Emaan. “We want to elevate that experience and make it a part of your self-love practice. The products are going to be luxurious and effective, developed with wellness in mind. We’ve transformed feminine care products visually. We’ve made them really beautiful and like your little secret weapon inside your bag, so you never have to feel embarrassed or ashamed when whipping it out on a date or on an outing with some friends.”

Outside of products, the brand will offer a judgment-free platform with the goal of offering a safe space to discuss feminine and sexual health. As a Middle Eastern woman, Emaan was discouraged to speak about the topic, resulting in her battling a nine-year journey with cervical cancer alone to avoid guilt and shame she feared would come from her family. The goal of Ketish is to free women from embarrassment, while reclaiming their sexual power.

“Ketish is a movement. It’s about taking power back and being fully comfortable with yourself,” said Huda Kattan, Chairwoman of HB Investments and Founder of Huda Beauty. “When people start to become part of this community, they’re going to feel liberated. I realized very quickly that his was a topic that so many people had so many issues with. The more I started talking to Emaan, the more I was convinced that she could change the category and make this sexy and empowering. This brand is deep within her. It’s very purposeful. It’s very powerful. It’s very personal.”