ILIA Beauty is a finalist in this year’s CEW Beauty Creators Awards several times over, with nominations for best overall Indie Brand, and nominations for segments within Makeup and Skincare. The company, which was founded 10 years ago, is poised to generate $100 million in sales, and is positioned as a clean, skin-centric beauty brand that uses active skin care ingredients in its formulas. (ILIA currently has the number-one selling foundation at Sephora with Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40.) Sasha said while she pays attention to trends, she tends to go with her gut rather than follow the crowd, especially with marketing on social media. “There has been a huge focus on Gen Z, which is part of our customer base, but I really believe there is a woman 35-plus who isn’t being spoken to. So one of the things we did was start advertising to consumers of a variety of ages. Our target customer is the millennial and her mom and no one was really speaking to them as a duo and by doing that we were able to capture a really wide audience.” Hear all about Sasha’s journey to success, social media strategy and sustainability efforts in a news segment that recently aired on Cheddar news.

Tune in December 1 to see if ILIA Beauty claims a CEW 2021 Beauty Creators Award during a virtual Winners Celebration. More than 29 winners in as many beauty categories will be announced during this awards celebration, to be hosted by reality T.V. star Lisa Rinna.  Click here to view all of this year’s Product Finalists. To attend the Winner’s Celebration, please click here.