Brand: Glory Skincare

Founder: Alisia Ford

Sales: Under $1 million (estimated)


Launch History/Unique Proposition: Founded by former Nike executive, Alisia Ford, Glory Skincare was built on the belief that women of color should be at the forefront of every touchpoint in skin care and beauty. Alisia has carried out this mission by allowing women access to a selection of non-toxic skin care products – from beauty subscription boxes to moisturizers, masks, cleansers and more –tailored to an individual’s needs based on a skin care quiz, curated by skin experts. Glory Skincare operates on making self-care accessible and safe for everyone by providing the best products through their custom product approval process, which omits toxic ingredients.

2021 Goals: Glory Skincare was launched in the middle of February 2020.  Despite the pandemic beginning one month later, the company said it had “a really incredible first year. There is a lot of exciting plans in store for Glory and I am really proud of what my team is doing. We have a couple of big goals for 2021 starting with launching Glory with a strategic retail partner to help continue building our company. Next, we’re really looking to expand our community base. We want to engage more with the Glory community and be able to connect with our customers on a more personal level. With this, we’re looking to continue educating the community about the importance of both inclusivity and non-toxic skincare. We are looking at ways of creating more meaningful and creative content to share across all of our platforms. Our last big goal for 2021 is to continue adding incredible team members who reflect our values and passion for democratizing healthy skin. I am looking forward to the year ahead and cannot wait for what is in store.”