As consumer demand for personalization and customization continues to grow, a new category is emerging among the clutter: adaptive skin care. Addressing this is Priori Skincare, which was purchased from Elizabeth Arden in 2017 by SkinSciPac Inc, and has since relaunched with fresh branding, new product positioning, updated packaging and new products that feature what the company calls “intelligent, adaptive skin care.”

The 22-sku line features serums, cleansers, eye creams, exfoliants and more with a multi-layered ingredient technology the company said is designed to interpret and respond to an individual’s skin chemistry throughout the day by releasing actives (ex: replenishment, hydration, protection and recovery) when skin needs it.

“In this day and age, when we all expect personal service, the Priori line of adaptive skin care provides just that: personalized results,” said Regis Haberkorn, President of Priori Skincare, who is also one of the co-founders of SkinSciPac Inc.

“Every Priori product is designed in a way so that each individual’s skin will pull what it needs when it needs it, regardless of skin condition, and perhaps more interestingly, as one moves from one environment to another. It is a personalized approach supported by clinicals.”

Priori is also aiming to disrupt the sun care category with a new sunscreen, Tetra ($90), launching this week online at and Amazon. While most sun care products boast SPF protection, Tetra is introducing GPF (Genetic Protection Factor), a term the company trademarked to represent its proprietary sub-formula that aims to offer skin four levels of defense, including protection from free radicals, pollutants, the sun’s radiation and HEV, the visible blue light from everyday electronics. Similar to other products in Priori’s line, the sunscreen’s formula is designed to adapt and prioritize the delivery of actives as one’s skin needs change throughout the day.

“Anyone concerned about sun radiation now has a potent approach to repairing past damage while fully protecting themselves from the effects of changing environments, both natural and human-made,” said Regis.

In July, Priori plans to release a tinted version of Tetra in a universal shade designed to blend with any complexion. The tint is meant to serve as a color guide to enable users to see where the product has been applied to ensure even coverage and protection.

Additional products featuring Priori’s GPF technology will roll out further down the road, and in the fall, Priori will release a range of six natural skin care products to cater to consumers’ growing interest in naturals.

As 2018 marks one year since SkinSciPac acquired the company, the new founders are looking to expand the brand in the U.S. and internationally, where it is already present in 16 countries, primarily in independent retailers, salons and spas. Within the next three years, the company is forecasting global expansion will generate more than $30 million in retail sales worldwide.