Fragrance and candle brand Boy Smells announced the debut of their launch into Sephora, as well as the release of Woodphoria, a Sephora-exclusive Genderful fine fragrance.

Boy Smells created the term genderful—and trademarked it in 2020—to refer to scents that embrace traditional feminine and masculine qualities. The brand is known for mixing scents marketed for the male-presenting market, like tobacco and leather, and for the female-presenting market, such as floral and fruity aromas.

Boy Smells marks its Sephora launch with 24 SKUs, a mix of the brand’s best-selling candles, such as Slow Burn, Kush, and Cameo, and fine fragrances, including Marble Fruit and Cashmere Kush, in full and travel sizes. The brand will also launch Woodphoria, a Sephora exclusive Genderful Fine Fragrance ($98), containing scent notes of fig, coconut water, and jasmine. Boy Smells candles and the brand’s Genderful fine fragrances will be available on on August 30 and in 122 brick-and-mortar locations on September 12.

In a press release, Boy Smells co-founder Matthew Herman stated, “Expanding into Sephora is a major accomplishment for us as a brand. We’re so excited to partner with them to bring our core genderful ethos to their vast audience and introduce new people to the multidimensionality of personal fragrance.”

“We are thrilled to introduce Boy Smells to our clients. With its inclusive brand ethos and non-traditional approach to fragrance, Boy Smells delivers products that embrace individuality and help promote self-care rituals. We look forward to welcoming Boy Smells to our Sephora family and know it will be a wonderful addition to our assortment,” Carye Campbell, VP Merchandising, Fragrance at Sephora commented.

Since launching in 2016 with individual candles, the brand has since expanded with a wide variety of eau de parfums. As shown by Google search data, Boy Smells experienced a 302.1 percent YOY growth from 2021 to 2022, marking the company as one of the top growing fragrance brands in the U.S.