The introduction of high definition cameras that can capture the tiniest skin imperfections has led brands such as Make Up Forever and Smashbox to create color cosmetics that offer camera-ready coverage options ranging from blush to foundation. Though makeup is effective, Airelle Skincare is aiming to tackle the issue with a line focused on improving the appearance of skin, rather than hiding flaws, through the combination of natural and medical-grade ingredients. The anti-aging skin care line was developed by TV director, Stephen D’Amato, and Dermatology Physician Assistant, Kasey Drapeau D’Amato, after Stephen noticed actors were spending more time in the makeup chair during film shoots. He tapped into Kasey’s expertise and the pair joined forces to design the five-sku line, which aims to provide skin with a youthful complexion while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Here, Beauty Insider sat down with Kasey to learn more about the brand.

Beauty Insider: Tell us about the brand.

Kasey Drapeau D’Amato: Airelle products are designed to reduce the signs of fine lines and texture. It also aims to prevent future wrinkles from forming, and can be used as a makeup primer. It is truly a great product line for anyone who wants to improve their skin’s appearance with natural ingredients.

BI: What are some of the star ingredients in the line?

KD: Berrimatrix, a powerful antioxidant compound derived from blueberries and other powerful antioxidants, is the proprietary ingredient in all of Airelle products. It was recently recognized by peer reviewed medical journal, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, because of its unique capabilities to protect the skin from infrared radiation, one of the major causes of collagen breakdown and wrinkle formation. When you combine a powerhouse preventative ingredient like Berrimatrix with other powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, manuka honey and seaweed, the result is the ultimate two-in-one skin care designed to both improve skin quality and counteract aging.

BI: How are you spreading the word? Tell us about some of your marketing/communications plans.

KD: Airelle has been used by dozens of celebrities and makeup artists on many top TV shows. Many of our fans share their love for Airelle on social media, and we have an active social media following of more than 15k. We keep our customers informed about any of our new cutting-edge research and exciting celebrity shout outs to constantly be engaged with them; we value their feedback. Additionally, press attention has been a valuable way to get our brand out there. For example, in just six months we were featured in New Beauty, In Style, and on “The Doctors TV show, along with countless beauty blogger mentions. We also find value in social media co-branding collaborations.

BI: Where is the product currently available? Are there any plans for expansion?
KD: Right now Airelle is in pre-launch phase and products are dispensed exclusively by dermatologists and plastic surgeons. It’s also sold at and on Amazon. We are gearing up for a major launch in 2018 and have many exciting expansion plans in the works. You will have to follow us on FB or Instagram to be the first to hear about our next exciting update!

To see a video about the brand, click here.