Company name: C’est Moi

Founder: In order to diversify its portfolio further into consumer products for kids, Jakks Pacific has created an entirely new division within the company, comprised of beauty industry experts to bring C’est Moi to life both in the U.S. and internationally.

Launch Date: January 21, 2018

Point of Difference/why this is needed: C’est Moi Beauty targets consumers ages 8 years old to 16 years old, with formulas specifically developed for their delicate skin. The products are made with clean ingredients and are fragrance-free, with the goal of helping young women make life-long, safer beauty choices.

“There has always been a noticeable gap within the beauty landscape for tweens and teens,” says Jennifer Saul, Vice President of Marketing at C’est Moi. “This void in the marketplace is a very exciting and obvious space to grow a unique and specialized brand for this important life stage. Additionally, a lot of brands tend to cast a wide net with who the intended users are for their products. No one is thoughtfully formulating clean product alternatives specifically for tweens and teens, or creating products that mindfully address mom’s standards as a gatekeeper for these purchases.”

Number of items available: C’est Moi is launching 38 SKUs in January 2018, five skin care products and 33 cosmetics products. An additional 15 products, comprised of bath and body and acne products, will launch in August 2018. Additionally, a hair care line will be available in January 2019.

Marketing/communications plans: The brand’s strategy focuses on a strong mix of engaging video content, social media campaigns, influencer marketing and skin care master classes to help drive awareness and education. Additionally, several partnerships will roll out over the next few months that furthers C’est Moi’s mission. One in particular is with Step Up, a national nonprofit that provides underprivileged girls the opportunity to reach their professional potential.

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